Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

This hasn't actually made it into one of my books yet, but I may write something science-fictiony just so I can include it.

One day I woke up from a dream. It had been incredibly vivid, but I could only remember one small part. I had been in the usual grimdark "hive of scum and villainy" drinking establishment. I was talking to some guy wearing huge Elton John glasses. Whatever it was that I told him did not make him happy at all. The frames of the glasses contorted until it formed the silhouette of a pair of hands flipping me the bird.

I so want to get that into something I write…


Re: Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

Solarite/Garden Snake: almost every character are descendants of snake people. They literally are snakes who look like humans in our dimension. In their true form they look like flesh mountains and scales. 

The Discarded Harem Member's Counterattack: the mc is planning to seduce the brother of the fictional characters she's been cursed to play because she wants to piss the author off, find them and ruin their life for the said curse. 

Chasing Circe: faeries cannot eat meat as they see meat as a part of mother earth and think we humans are cannibals for doing so. 

Re: Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

I almost blew myself up irl (with help from friend).  
Just before the match dropped I said, "I want to go on record saying I think this is a bad idea."  
The match-holder replied, "So noted." 

Those two lines had to go into my first book.  Everyone in my circle of friends who knows that story got a good chuckle out of them. 

Re: Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

I once wrote a short short story about a guy who made a drunken proposal to the mermaid statue that was on his city's coat of arms (because of a break up with his real girl), tossed the ring into the river and because he was taken seriously, he became a city guardian who is called to frighten and beat up people that try to demolish historical buildings and such. 
The whole thing is weird, but the oddest thing is that he gets his superpowers when he runs barefoot (as in, fusing with the city). 
The story is not in English, sadly. 
Out of all odd ideas I'd also mention my side character in another book that invents a scheme for burning enemy undead with a gigantic glass lens.

Re: Weirdest thing you ever put in a book?

For Shift, I haven't fully explored how weird things can go.  But at the moment because there is a power set that lets people make anything some get creatively like someone fighting with household items that are treated with the same lethality as a sword would.  And then there are just everyone else that have a vast array of powers like someone that cries rivers of water or someone that can make anything a sharp edge even if it is round.

Most of the rest of the stories are pretty normal, but The Inner Man has the main character in witness protection trapped in a genetically engineer young girl's body power by science to be able to have magical girl powers and the body originally came with an AI personality that actually believes it is a magical girl playing fully into Sailor Moon tropes.  And they fight the yakuza, so things get a little crazy.