Litrpg in medieval world with norse gods (Solved thanks to the Walrus King)

I, for the love of god, can't remember or find story I liked and enjoyed not so long ago. I even suspect author removed it, because it was really good and should be on the top of the charts. Story went something like this:

Everything happens in medieval Ireland. Mc has no parents and he works as woodworker apprentice.
He goes foraging wood, sees how wife of his lord and her guards are attacked by bandits.
He kills one bandit and level ups.
People all around world are slowly introduced in the system.
Mc got super special class, forgot reason why he was so special.
Mc is taken under his lord's wing as knight errant.
Also MC's dead father is revealed to be the lord's old friend and MC inherits some random property.
They travel with lord to see the dying king of Ireland.
They fight goblins and orcs on the way.
Mc loots a musical instrument with nice stats and is teleported to the realm of norse gods alone.
Training arc, time moves faster.
Mc learns what is system and what is on the stakes. They have to fight demons from demon worlds.
Mc comes back to Ireland and his friends are like holly smokes you have grown.
There also were massive demon vs human battles with thousands of warriors.
And mc died once, but giant dragon saved his soul and put it back in his body.

Does something ring the bells?