Sensitivity reader wanted (Closed; tks!)

A scene in my newest chapter turned into what might be funny or a I worry that it might be sexist against men. In that the men are under a sleeping spell and the women need to wake them up.  You'll see what I mean if you read it. After I wrote it I was realizing that ooh that might not be good.

Adult joke so maybe 18+ only to read it for now just to be safe.

Would anyone be willing to read this part of the chapter? I want this done in private messages so I don't give the chapter away before it's published, so please pm if you feel like helping. Thank you.  

Note: Usually the characters are pretty serious so I'm not sure where this came from but if it turns out to be okay I'll let it stay. Random is good imop.

Re: Sensitivity reader wanted

Capaluchu Wrote: Dusty Times?

Nope, the unpublished chapter 33. (It's 800 something words so far.) Oh I better give it a title, hum maybie Slipery when wet? xD ahahah. *cough sputter*
 Soul Tear

I'm anti review swaps now; don't ask me for any. 
I retract any asks for any swaps. Do. Not! Want.

Re: Sensitivity reader wanted (Closed; tks!)

darkocean Wrote: I'm amazed how fast people in here are replying now, (Woot!) I remember having to wait days for a reply.

I'm avoiding work today.  I already put in 52 hours this week.  Kinda done.

I'm happy to read it but I am pretty new so I am not sure how to do that?
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When Joe died, he really did not expect an invitation to appear inviting him to join the world of Illuminaria.  By accepting he joins a fantasy RPG, with stats and skills, monsters and quests.  A whole new world is now open to him.