Book 2 is complete. TWERKING TYME.

Despite being a professional procrastinator and suffering form a crippling JRPG addiction I somehow found the resolve to finish the second book of my series with a respectable consistency of posting a chapter every week (I missed ONE week😭).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to note my follower/view count of when I finished my first book but I’ve definitely swelled over 100% from where I was initially back in Feburary  (I can’t remember how to spell this stupid month and I am tired of debating with myself lol).

“Providence (Pestilence)” now has 55 followers and over 10 000 views.

Of course I didn’t reach the ultra fame the immature inner part of me would like but throughout posting I managed to squeeze myself into Rising Stars for a while (at a low rank BUT I WAS ON THE LIST!), so I am very proud of that.

It is hard to imagine reaching even higher heights than where book 2 sits now, but during the period of posting book 3 I’ll use every cell and bone in my body to try to reap even more rewards.

I am thankful for what RR did for me at the end of the day. It gave me courage to post my writing out to the world and who knows maybe this is an important step towards getting published.

Anywho, the twerking IS MANDATORY. 


Re: Book 2 is complete. TWERKING TYME.

Well shoot. I came here to see the twerking.
But nonetheless, Congratulations! Hard work deserves praise! 🐞

Re: Book 2 is complete. TWERKING TYME.

parkertallan Wrote: However, be careful or you'll twerk your eye out.
Uhm. Well. Gosh. Now I kinda wanna see that too. 🐺