Stories that have returned from hiatus

The dreaded hiatus is a great fear for all webnovel readers, so let's take a moment to remember those that have come back. Post stories that have returned from hiatus in this thread, anything goes! It can be hard for authors to get the word out.
Here is a brief list I've collected! Make sure to post your own recommendations in too.

Unfortunately, I'm an Evil Villainess by lyharbour (Came back from a 40-day hiatus. Does that even count as hiatus?)
Godslayers by Trollmore (This one came off a 2-month Hiatus!)
System Error by based (Returns after three months! Slated to finish soon)
The Last Orellen by Sieley (You know this one already, right? A legend back after a year!)
I Became a [Biologist] in a Fantasy World! by Innate_Lymphoid_cell (Came back after 20 months, dropped one chapter, then went back on hiatus. Chad moves)
Getting Hard by _GD_ (Not recent, but still deserved. This one came off a six-year hiatus! Bow down to the grandmaster of hiatus enders!)

May every hiatus end someday!