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December Thread - Promote your Story


For Authors: Post your story promotion as a reply to this thread.
You can get creative, or you can just post the description, image(if available), and your word count. But most importantly your Royal Road fiction link.

Note: This is somewhat of a first-come, first-served basis, as the earlier you reply, the more likely your description will be read first. This is why this thread for self-promotions is monthly-based (to not overflow it). At the start of next month, we will have a new thread, and you can promote your story there again.

For Readers: Did you want more lists to find stories from? well... here is another one, give the stories a shot!

You can also use this subforum to promote your fiction

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

The Path to Lichhood

A dragon animated by undeath, trapped in an underground prison. A young apprentice mage, about to be expelled from his school. One carries awesome abilities but is unable to utilize them. Another has stagnated and can't see a way to improve. Two beings who should have never interacted with each other.
What happens when, against all odds, the two inexplicably meet and forge a contract?
The ancient beast will give the mortal a piece of its power, so that he may walk the path to lichhood. In exchange, the mage-turned-necromancer would build a kingdom of undeath and prepare the world for the dragon's return.
Now the new necromancer must discover how to use these dark powers. He will test their limits and run experiments to find their potential. He will create undead that would follow his every command. And as he walks this path, he will try to discover the true meaning behind humanity and undeath alike.

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Parallel Hearts


Loneliness of deepness, racing in an abyss of blackness, trailing hands of shadows. Shackling to the land, silence for longness. No longer willing in enduring, breaking free. Seeking a desire far inside, countless more existing within. Birthing underneath the light of the blood moon, embracing her selfishness and imperfections. Shouting what is within, never ending turmoil. Continuously falling, rising even stronger. Mirroring hearts, both of the same. Memories of haziness, wars of grandness. Stepping on a plain far above her own, her heart of softness. A night of eternity coming, bringing demise in the wake of her despair.

"There is light in the deepest of darkness..."

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Although it refuses to show in my signature I've got a new story going.

The title just speaks for itself though, so I don't have much to add (Also it's very short so overly advertising the one chapter that is out seems a bit silly).
(Same BBcode as in the signature section, yet it just refuses, very strange)

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The Butterfly Effect is written as a series of moderately independent stories, bound together by a common world. Join a wide range of characters—from nobility to commoners to those barely able to be described as human—on their trips of exploration and discovery of the world around them. Below are short descriptions of each story published so far; they can be read out of volume order, though I would suggest everyone starts at Departure. Who knows, one of these stories may even tell of the event that started it all…

Departure- Follow the young Prince Natheniel on his way towards making the biggest mistake of his life—one that affects much more than him.
Secrets of the Ley Lines- A group of teens set out to not only uncover bits of the past but also find themselves in the Labyrinth, home of the Minotaur.
Bloodline- Tavin, with the prompting of his spirits, goes on a trip to understand his bloodline and the kind of power he possesses.
Rebellion- Lucas and his odd band of magic users stand up against the king and start a new future for Seothia.
Mystery of Nadia Mikah- Enebish is given their first detective case, though they aren’t ready for all that they discover.
The Stone Family Adventure- Lydia finds a way to live what has already been lost… perhaps at the expense of losing something else. [updates Mon/Wed/Fri]
What Time Forgot- A collection of short stories ranging from little scenes or events to longer ones dedicated to specific characters.
Twin NPCs Llewel and Myr don’t have something that all the others do: a code they’re supposed to follow. When they get the chance to leave their home and learn who they truly are, it’s not quite in the way that they expected. Still, no amount of preparing could help them uncover the things that may be best left forgotten.
In the Side Story, follow Casrane and her companions as they play through the game’s original story. She thought she knew what she was getting herself into, but things are turning out to be a lot more complex than she thought…
These two parts are important to understand the past, the present, and the future of these characters. Only with them—and perhaps some perspectives of others—can the true events be discovered.

Updates weekly on Saturdays.

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

I have a a story that is new. It is a grimdark fiction. Here is the summary.

White longed to be an adventurer and to be proclaimed a hero like those in the myths. She wanted to break free of the brutal and unforgiving life that awaited those born into peasantry. It had started off with good intentions, but the road to hell is paved with the dreams of would-be heroes. 

With every taboo she breaks she falls deeper into sin. 

It's hard to be heroic when spilling blood makes one feel alive. Her enemies will envelop the sky, and at some point she will need to decide if she desires to be the hero, or the monster slain by their sword.
Tarnished Survivor

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Sara, the daughter of the Archangel Michael, has always felt unpopular and alone among the heroes and angels, and having an imaginary person stuck in her head doesn’t help. When an infamous warlock rises to kill Michael, Sara is unsure what to do and new questions arise; everything becomes more mystifying than she could ever imagine. The heroes and villains are forced to put their bitterness aside, and together, they go on a reluctant journey to hunt the warlock.

Chapters will be published on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I'll try to post Thursday too, to help me push writing, so keep an eye out! 

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Undying Emperor is an epic fantasy of the largest possible scope, short of a multi-verse. Rising from nothing but the son of a miner, Lucius von Solhart has stolen the identity of a low ranking noble to win accolades in war and claw his way up the ranks of power. Lumisgard is a world of magic and war, with trolls to the north, dragons in the east, sea monsters to the west, and the difference between angels and demons is all in the terms of the contract.

Lucius has one advantage to put him above the rest and survive the monsters and betrayal:an unrivalled healing factor.

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

The topic: 1) Football. 1) Soccer. 2) The World Cup.
Your opinion of that: A) Love it. B) Hate it.

If you've chosen 1A, you'll love Player Manager. It's a sports progression fantasy about a guy who gets a football 'system'. People love it. You will too.
If you've chosen 1B, you'll love Player Manager. It's a progression fantasy about a guy who uses his 'system' to improve his life. And who knows? Maybe the lives of others around him.
If you've chosen any other combination, yeah, you'll still love it. It's for YOU. All right? Just read all the reviews that go 'I hate sports but I love this'.

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Hey, want to read Pokemon fanfiction? Yes, another one. If you're interested, try out my story: I Will Touch the Skies. Here's the synopsis.

Grace Pastel is a young girl who lives a cozy life in Jubilife city with her father, and for her, Pokemon battles are just something that she watches on television or online. Entertainment to be seen at a distance. After turning fifteen, she watched as young people her age got ready for their first journey across Sinnoh, all aiming to become the Champion. She usually scoffed at them, wondering how one could throw away a comfortable life in the city to risk their lives in the wild for an unobtainable goal. And yet when she was asked by her father to deliver a package to her mother living two towns over, something clicked in her brain.

Suddenly, she decided that she wanted to be the very best.

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Norman The Necromancer
Norman had always been a bit of a loser, a slacker. Preferring to spend his days enjoying himself and just coasting through life. Then the apocalypse happened and he got a second chance… only he managed to screw that up too when he decided to become a Necromancer. Now he is unemployed, his girlfriend left him, and he is an outcast and pariah due to his bad choices.
Can Norman get his act together and unravel the mysteries of the afterlife or will he waste this last chance to make something of his life like so many times before?

Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

Quote:In the Arcanum, everyone can hear you scream.

One hour. That is the average survival time for those unlucky enough to find themselves trapped within the mysterious and deadly Arcanum. Struggling content creator Sara is not the average survivor. Taking the identity of her gamer persona, Valkyrie, she must learn a new way of life with help from her tribe of misfits, the Sisters. But as they soon discover, survival is just the beginning. Valkyrie and her Sisters must learn the secrets of this fragmented world and use it to harness her power before someone else does. Or die trying.

New chapters on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 08:15 PM EST (GMT -5)

Next bonus chapter at 100 followers. Thank you for your support!

Surviving the Arcanum has also been picked up for narration by a YT channel! More details to come. Readers can also look forward to an extensive revision pass and Patreon launch for early content in the near future.
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