Why do I regret that I named my online novel Sovereign?


Hello everyone

Allow me to introduce myself and my novel. My pen name is Pavel Morava, and I've been publishing on RoyalRoad for three years.

The novel's name is Sovereign, but I prefer to call it Space Adventures of Sava Gromov. Why? Because I made a mistake.

When I started my story, I was infatuated with Kugane Maruyama's Overlord and looking for a word with similar ominous potency. Lately, after getting more acquainted with many online novels, I realized that my idea was not exactly unique; thus, searching online novels with the word sovereign would yield bountiful results.

Admitting that, I still hope that despite the ubiquitous and uninventive title, the novel itself does not lack in the creativity department, so you may want to take a look and dig in.

Instead of copy-pasting the blurp, allow me to mention David Feintuch, a less-known, yet excellent sci-fi author, who, to a certain extent, inspired Space Adventures of Sava Gromov.

So if you like a mix of space fantasy, psychology, satire, and a cynical and grumpy protagonist (of course, Feintuch's Nicolas Seafort had different qualities), do not hesitate and give Sovereign a shot.

By the way, the cover art was designed by Veronika Zelinka, and it is her genuine creation.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask under the post.

Happy reading!


Re: Why do I regret that I named my online novel Sovereign?

Smuts Wrote:
Pavel Wrote: Why so? Hiskandrios Genesis seems like an original and good name. What are your reasons?
It tells nothing of what the story is about. Very obscure and its meaning is far in the lore of the story. Cool, perhaps, but not "attractive" or grabbing attention. At least that what it seems to me comparing to many other stories.

Aha. Still, I like the title. As you said, it is cool. 👍

Re: Why do I regret that I named my online novel Sovereign?

parkertallan Wrote: Welcome. Getting the right title isn't easy. I can see why you don't want to change the cover, it's beautifully done. I think it helps that you have your preferred title as the sub-title. Since it's on the cover you could add it to the title here on Royal Road without too much hassle. Hope all continues to go well for you here. Good luck.

Thank you 😉 I am glad you like the cover.