My favorite piece of advice (for motivation!)

*Note this is a summation of several things I've read, not my own. If you know where these ideas come from, please post them, as my sources have been lost to memory!

Over the years, I've read a lot of motivational advice to just pull my teeth out and get to those final words. I think the very best piece of advice I keep reading over and over again is a response to the objection, "My writing sucks. I've been writing for forever and I'm just getting worse."

Sometimes, urging yourself to just get the words out doesn't cut those deeply troubling nights when things just don't go together so well. Sometimes it isn't enough to just get the words out, you want them to be good, too, dammit! And the truth is that you almost never see the quality of your work as you are creating it. It takes some time and distance to really sort through and analyze what you've made. So how do you keep going in the moment, despite hating what you're creating?

I read a piece of advice I hope to attribute correctly someday. This person essentially said...

You see your flaws in what you're creating because you have improved so vastly, so fast. Our Editor Selves adapt quickly to what we learn; our Writing Selves take some extra time to simmer and settle. It's easier and faster to see a fixed comma than a fixed character arc. So when we let our Editor Selves take a look at a long piece of work without letting our Writing Selves catch up, it can make us feel unhappy with what we've made--because we can't see the full picture.

So I hope, that in Week 3 of this writathon, my fellow writers are kind to themselves. Right around this time, every year, is when I drag my feet, get depressed, and get really hard on myself. I know I'm not the only one, so I hope that this reminder can serve others, too!

Onwards to the finish line, my friendsĀ  DrakanWine