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RR's pretty good. It's generally a very easy, smooth reading experience.

The vast majority of genres aren't popular, though. I think it's a shame that writers interested in writing, for example, a rom-com office drama would find very little traction. If it's not fantasy or sci-fi, there's little hope, and if it's not progression-based, it'll never top out. Obviously that's just site culture, and what readers want, but it seems like such a shame that a good site isn't being used by more people. But, y'know, that's part of the experience

It'd also be cool to have some sort of newsletter? Something to make readers feel like RR isn't a collection of discrete stories. Maybe featuring interviews with authors, or polls - just ways for readers to engage with the site on a macroscopic scale, if they want to. I think there's an unofficial one, but a front-page one could be cool. Probably not too hard to find volunteer writers either (no clue what I'm talking about)

4.5 though. I think RR, purely by its interface and ease of navigation, does everything I want from a writing site and does it well. I mean: edit suggestions? Unsung hero. Really gone the extra mile - that's a feature a lot of sites don't have

Re: Rating ★★★★★

Paradoxcloud Wrote:
Calavente Wrote: sexyness (light-smut?) had to leave..
Did it?

Because as far as I can see it as long as you're not creating pure erotica explicit scenes are still allowed(outside of the writathon that is.) Neither does that rule seem to have changed in the last however many years, at least not from what I know or can remember.
Yea, i just read the sexual content section not to long ago. I plan on writing an explicit scene in my story. My story isn't smut, but it has that scene in it. just one planned for now. don't know if there will be more.

Re: Rating ★★★★★

A solid 4.5.

Forums: Lots of fun discussions. helpful guides, and signatures. 5/5

Interface: Very user friendly. Have only used the editor here a little since I generally copy stuff in from Word.  4.5/5

Visibility: I think has improved over the last year with the addition of "Book you might Like" on the home screen. However, there's just so many books here that it's easy for stories to get lost. I don't know if there's a good solution for that. 4.5/5

Ratings and Ranking: The ranking system seems fair and I like that steps have been taken so people can't game the system. I can understand the need for rankings since many people aren't comfortable writing reviews. However, I think making them have a smaller effect on overall ranking makes sense. Perhaps, a like/dislike option or weighting actual reviews more heavily. 4/5

Rising Stars and Trending: I think these sorts of lists can be very motivating for writers. Again I like that it's been modified so people can't game it as was done in the past. Sometimes it does seem as if people concentrate too much on getting on the list. I can understand that as it is one of the better ways of getting your story noticed. This just goes back to the issue of trying be get noticed in a sea of stories. 4.5/5