Rating Royalroad.com ★★★★★

Hello. Let's start a fun poll. Rate how satisfied you are overall with Royalroad.com!

Both the reader and the author experience should factor into this, ideally.

Of course, we will use the 0.5-5.0 stars rating system.

I am very interested in the results!

My rating = peoeyesparkle peoeyesparkle peoeyesparkle peoeyesparkle peoeyesparkle (5 Stars)

As a Reader, I've read hundreds of great stories here over the years, made a few friends, and fallen in love with countless characters and worlds. Had many fun interactions in the comments, or on the Forums. I got 100% used to Royalroad's reading format, and actually struggle to read on other sites nowadays (let me change the size/font/width of the text, dammit!). I've witnessed the site evolve and make many positive changes, including a bunch of new features. Furthermore, the [Writathon] event is the sole reason I started writing my story. And as a baby Author, the readers have been great, the fellow authors ultra supportive / helpful, and the Author Dashboard has all the features I could wish for and more. Also satisfied with the visibility, Latest Updates are the goat. So, it's a 5.0 from me.~

Current average result: 3.96 Stars, 34 Ratings

Edit: I am also accepting votes through private DMs! You don't have to share your opinion publically, if you don't like. The RR rating system is anonymous.

Re: Rating Royalroad.com ★★★★

4.5. Solid interface, solid reader experience, solid authoring tools. One of the best and most interactive communities of all the many places I've posted my writing.
On-site monetization or patreon chapter-unlock integration would bump it up that final half-star; having to post two different places and deal with reformatting chapters is a pain.

Oh, wait, make that 4. Being locked out of writeathon because I have a backlog even if I write enough new chapters to qualify makes me very sad. It was a fun challenge I looked forward to every year, and having been forced to choose between maintaining monetization or participating is incredibly disheartening.

Actual rating would be 4.2, but as that's not part of the scale I'm rounding down for disgruntlement.

Re: Rating Royalroad.com ★★★★★

Although I'm pretty new here, I'm pretty new to every similar website. So, you may have to take my rating with a grain of salt. Hmm yummy, savory rating  DrakanPopcorn

I'd give it 4.0 for now. The points are lost mostly because of UI/UX. It's not bad by any means, but there are better ones out there.

Another issue is that it's hard to get people to read your work, especially if you are not writing a certain type of genre, but this is not the platform's fault. They're doing what they can to help. Things could be better in that area (they always can) but it's still the site in terms of getting at least some traction in my opinion 

Re: Rating Royalroad.com ★★★★★

Effort: 5/5 I do think the RR team do try and listen to their users and improve where they can and are able to. And even if you disagree with them, they are clear about their "red lines".

Community: 4/5 Certainly on the forums, maybe this would change if I was exposed to a large chunk of the readerbase.

Interface: 4/5 Of the sites I've used, this has one of the more friendly GUIs.

Visibility: 3.5/5 It's better than many sites, and despite there being a lot of competition there are ways to get eyes on your fiction. But sometimes I wonder if there's more to be done for completed works. Of the lists available six out of eight favour ongoing works. But again, not a lot of experience wih this so not sure if it's accurate.

Overall that comes to (roughly) 4/5.

(I am willing to revise these numbers if credible arguments are received.)