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Thank you for the compliment.  If I seem to be a bit above average, it's only because I have written about two million words in my life. 

And I am as old as dirt. But in parrot years -- why, I am still a spring chicken!

And around here, on Royal Road? LitRPG rules. Not that I know what that exactly is, cuz I only had heard of it after having joined up.

After that, anything Japanese earns you Bonus Points. Wuxia. Isekai. Xianxia. Harem. Stuff like that.

Then finally, for general tips on how to write?  I will refer you to THIS post I made a few days ago, over HERE

And finally finally, and of course -- welcome to Royal Road. You have come to the right place, Fledgling Bird-chan. 🦩

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If you're hoping to gain traction on this site, speed and consistency are king. As much as everyone says quality matters, there are plenty of stories with a million hits that average 3-4 stars for grammar, story, characters, etc. Why? Because they're able to churn out 5 new chapters a week, every week, from now until the end of time.

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DestroyatronMk8 Wrote: Before you post a chapter, read it again. Out loud. It's a little tedious, but it's a good way to catch grammar mistakes and sentences that don't make as much sense as they should. 

Or you could cheat like I do, and get your genius wife to edit it for you.
Piggy backing on this, I'm dyslexic so I use text to speech on just about everything. 

You can catch so many mistakes or weird sentence structures with that TTS tools. 

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I think I'm going to exercise my non-prose muscles starting today.

I don't know what to write.
Choose poorly and readers won't bite.
The safest choice is Lit-RPG,
But then I'll be fiction eight million and three.

Isekai is known to do well,
But then I'm stuck in weeaboo hell.
Crafting a rom-com could be quite fun.
The number of readers I'd have:  None.

Short stories are free from the grind.
Maybe I'll start there to unwind.
Wait, I think that is wrong,
Web novels are supposed to be long.

Tragedy and Mystery won't make History.
Historical?  More like Royal Roadkill.

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I think the answer to this varies depending on what it is you're after.
If you're wanting to monetize - aka draw in people to a Patreon - I'd pick one of the popular genres on this site. Namely some variation of litRPG. As you mentioned you DM and do ttRPGs, I'd suggest finding books that already exist within the genre that draw from Dungeons and Dragons and the like. Then spin up a novel with those parameters to hopefully appeal both to the readers on this site and to your personal interests. Win/Win. 
Not everyone necessarily wants to monetize though, or at least not as a first priority. I'm personally having a great time with a smaller readership that's motivating me to pump out my draft much faster than I usually would. You can weaponize the power of peer pressure against yourself (mwah hahaha!) to speed up your writing process, so you have material to edit and then later put on places like Amazon and such (though of course you'd have to eventually take down the work you uploaded here if you publish there.) 
Additionally, you can use this place as a great way to test concepts. There's more interactivity for my story on Royal Road than I've found in other places, and I'm not writing within the preferred genres. So I definitely think there's more wiggle room for variety if you're not just chasing monetization specifically. 
Whatever your goals are, I hope you find a niche here that works for you!

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Well basic advice to have an image of your story and make sure you have beginning middle and ending. Also remember you can't please everyone so focus on what make your story a story. Like Adventure Phantasy you know so on and so forth. Anyways hope this help you. Have a good day or night latter.