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#2 Jack Knight by Default, 16 Years Old Before Phase 1. Cadet Jack Knight(K) 17 Years old after Phase 1 and having his entire body restructured with his morphology shifting to... more than human and being Enrolled into the War College of the Imperial Institute. Dyed his hair after it turned white. Class(Ruler of Gehenna+Soul Weaver+Wind mage, due to SPOILERS) Alter EGO: Members of the Royal Family or those close to their bloodline are denoted by their white hair. Most Imperial Citizens know not to approach these people, even Imperial traditionalists that don't like men wandering around their city will give them a wide birth. Fortunately, for Jack there are alot of members of the imperial royal family, with many minor clans spread across the Imperium, so it makes getting things he wants or shopping for his baby sister very easy. Jill Knight, Jack's younger sister. Dyed her hair green to honor the mother she never knew but that died saving her. Jill suffers from Black Rot, a degenerative disease that is only kept at bay by expensive supplements and a constant Mana generator. Unbeknownst to Jill and Jack, Jill's hair is actually turning green as their mother's bloodline genes activate, unlocking her magical potential. (A Special clan of warriors dedicated to the Matriarch. Their Mother was a Defector who was pregnant and didn't want a life of servitude to the imperial family) Jill loves video games and Mechs. She especially has a fascination with Mechframes and wants to be a pilot someday. Officer Cadet Leona Tali, in an effort to hide the fact she was a girl while living in the slums of the Corpo state, Leona mascaraed as Leon. Binding her chest, she learned martial arts from an Imperial Recruiter as well as Awakened skills from a French Historian who taught her how to read and write. After she came of age to defect, she enlisted in the Imperial army as an Awakened System User and immigrated from the Corporate Alliance to the Athurian Empire. Class path (Warrior) - Imperial Awakened Captain, Mi'shka Domino aka Blood Silver/ The Demon of the North. He uses a myriad of blood-based abilities with his class being Vampire. (DISCLAIMER Not an actual Vampire) He's currently on probation for being a smart ass to a superior officer as well as multiple counts of insubordination. He is assigned as an Attendant to GEN3 MECH-Frame: LOVELACE and Her pilot Eleanor Belfusa. Prince Roland AKA The White Knight. A member of the secretive High Table, Roland is the 2nd Son of the Matriarch, however as a Male he's barred from ascending the Imperial throne. Instead, his duties are militorial with his assigned purpose to breed a successor.  Suffice to say he is VERY much not happy with his lot of life. One of the Bad guys who wears a smile, he works hand in hand with other members of the High Table to sow discourse and confusion around the world to solidify their power.  

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I'll only go into Arylos and Iris for The First Flame as I have art of them; I don't have art of the other characters like Anoron, Bellona, Eir, Sentarus, etc. There are some Eikons I can show off though.


Firstly is Arylos, the last of a race of powerful creatures called Vlajhilsen, commonly called Titans, and hail from a dimension outside of reality called Mortehksun. He is what's called an Elder Titan, among the oldest of the Titans and one of the creatures of First Flame's reality. During an ancient civil war, Arylos was left as the last of his kind, left to wander reality and cursed with eternal life as a living force of nature. As such, he is calm and wise and mostly emotionless but if provoked, he won't hesitate to burn down everyone in his way. Really no one knows what he really looks like; Arylos is a spiritual being that has to possess someone in order to interact with the world however he does manipulate the appearance of his vessel to match how he imagines himself to appear. Without a vessel, he is formless and can manipulate reality and listen and watch, but he can't touch or speak to anyone. In the story, he possessed the body of a young man from the north named Korseis and acts as his human manifestation.

Each vessel of Arylos's has 3 common traits; his body is covered in otherworldly tattoos branded into his skin that often glow a bright orange if he calls on his magic, his eyes are a deep red and often change color and brightness depending on how much of his magic he conjures, and his voice is a deep growling voice best described as sounding like a monster pretending to talk like a man.

His tattoos are a big defining trait; they are not only inked into his skin but also branded into him, as if he was branded with irons and the markings were filled in with ink. The markings are a binding spell in the Titanic language that define who he is and his past. Each of his vessels bears these markings, burned into their skin once he takes control. His back has a motif of a dragon wrapped around a spear. The dragon represents his status as the father of dragons, the creator of a race of dragons called the Reig. The spear is Saileisiyorah, often called the God Slayer. It is a weapon forged from his dismembered wings and was used to kill the other Titans. He bears it as a mark of his sin and shame for his crimes against his people.

While in his human form, he can still manipulate his body freely. A part of that is when he loses himself in his rage, he reverts to the closest a human could see a Titan being. He does this rarely as this permanently damages his vessel and if his vessel is destroyed, he cna no longer interact with the world. When he uses this strength, his tattoos glow a bright orange and his body changes where he grows fangs and talons and his eyes glow and grows 6 wings. Wings in The First Flame are a symbol of divinity with the more wings you have, the stronger you are. Arylos's 6 wings are only heard of amongst the Titan with no other creature able to grow more than 4 that carry divine power. Arylos however cheated; 2 of his 6 wings were cut off and used to forge the God Slayer. Now, all that is left are wings made of flames; a haunting ghost of the sacrilege he committed.

Iris is a human-Templarian hybrid and is mostly an unassuming girl with brown hair and brown eyes. One thing about her is that Arylos stands 6'6" tall (200cm) and Iris is a whole foot shorter than him at 5'5" (168cm). As a result, Arylos often calls her "little girl" since she comes up to roughly his chest. Her petite frame also makes others think she is harmless, not knowing that she is descended from an ancient Templarian god of light named Helion. As a result, she can command lightning and fire and even grew the rare ability to turn herself into lightning to teleport short distances, something rarely seen amongst the Templarians. Like Arylos, when she uses her powers, her appearance changes although her transformation stops at her brown hair turning a blueish silver and her eyes changing to a solid and brilliant blue. Unlike other Templarians, she has not grown wings, a sign that her divinity is malformed and is not complete, meaning unless she is actively using her powers, she's mortal.
(yes, that is Iris in a maid costume. yes, it's canon. no, I will not take responsibility for what this awoke in you; you'll just have to read The First Flame, then you can also get her in a swimsuit)

I think that's enough rambling for now.
As machines fight gods and we find ourselves under new skies, the earth crumbles beneath the stars as our reality cries.
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I am now going to go away and produce some more extremely thirsty shots of Rocco and Richard and then write an encore piece to Thirst Trap and probably get it taken down like the moderators said before but it will be worth it because by God the line is slim and I do be skirtin' it mighty fine.
At some point, you just have to say "screw this" and dance over the line and go along for the ride.
As machines fight gods and we find ourselves under new skies, the earth crumbles beneath the stars as our reality cries.
The First Flame Volume 4: Unbecoming, new chapters every Monday

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Can't say I had too much design thoughts for her as a character in particular. The species specifies a lot of things she can and can not be, so everything boiled down to her story. The scar around her neck is the result of a heavy collar and a history of abuse in her past. Not quite as visible is the fact that her wings do not work either and her general very muscular frame. Keep in mind this is one artists interpretation, but it got the main thing right, her smirk  and rather jokey attitude towards life.

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Here's the description of the MC for my book:


Kveldulf Einarsen tightly gripped one of the mainsheet riggings as he listened to the fluttering sound of the sails in the cloudless sky. His shoulder length brown hair flowing in the air, his full beard and moustache keeping the sharp cold air from his skin. His muscular build conveyed a sense of great strength and noble bearing, even under his brigandine armor, as he looked out over the oceanic kingdom of Sjorvant with crystal blue eyes as a smile crossed his face.


Kveldulf saw her gambeson, a soft white now long sullied with years of being on the march. A buckler gripped on her right hand, the emblem of a golden lion gripping a tree branch in its mouth, dented and splattered with blood. Black hair tied into a short ponytail, with strands hanging over her brow. Her tanned skin gleaning with sweat, dirt and scratches from the recent fight. A fire burned brightly in her green eyes as she cast her gaze on the audience below as she snarled, saying “Who else wants some?” to the people below.


A door violently swung open, several men, battered and bloodied fell onto the floor. Over the pile stepped a feline figure, covered in white and gray fur, leather armor, along with steel pauldrons, gaunlets and boots, with several orbs clinging tightly to his belt. All now splattered in blood as he stumbled into the hallway. He shook his head to regain his bearings. “That’s going to cost a silver or two,” he said to himself as Jeanne and Kveldulf spotted him.


The first one Kveldulf noticed was a man with sand colored skin, possibly mid-twenties and already towering over the other three even when sitting. His black hair was pulled back into a straight ponytail with facial hair encircling his mouth with a patch underneath the bottom lip, all neatly trimmed. His right arm rested over his chair and he had a relaxed demeanor, tranquil smile on his face.
The man was dressed in a cuirass made of short horizontal lames of steel, the top level overlapping the lower to cover his well-built frame. It was black as night and marked with scratches and other marks of war beyond counting. His shoulders covered in laminar style pauldrons, with plates covering much of his arms before ducking under his steeled gauntlets. Leaning against the serving counter he lifted two fingers up to catch the person’s attention. Resting on his left shoulder was a long-curved blade. Not from around these parts, Kveldulf thought, interesting.


Next to him was an elven woman. She had short dark brown hair, displaying her pointed ear, with amber skin with freckles around her face and bright violet eyes surrounded by a red hue white it would normally be white. She carried a long bow with her, a quiver full of arrows leaning against her chair. As the others talked amongst themselves, she was the only one with her eyes on Kveldulf. Not in a sense that conveyed a threat, simply aware.
She her petite figure was dressed in a brown gambeson, wearing a glove on her right hand with her ring and pink fingers exposed, and her other hand with a full glove. She had a fabric resting around her neck, though the dim light made it hard for Kveldulf to see what exactly it was. Possibly to cover her face, he thought to himself. Wonder if she done something to win a guard’s attention?


Next to the elf was another woman, reddish blonde hair braided and draping over her left shoulder. She wasn’t wearing as much armor on her lean athletic as the other two, though she did have a leather vest resting on the back of her chair. She wore a light tanned blouse which overlapped, with long leather patches covering the lengths of her arms, breaking at her elbows and shoulders.
Next to her were two sabers, thin, curved and with a good reach to them. They reminded him of his mother’s blades as he spotted them. Hmm, wonder if she’s a sword singer, proper. Mother would’ve loved to see this. Kveldulf smiled at the thought.


Kveldulf and Jeanne turned to find the academic standing next to them. Strands of his blonde hair draped over his forehead, some softly veiling his ice blue eyes. He had a light stubble on his face wrapped around a warm smile flanked with dimples. He was dressed in a dark green vest, a light blue doublet on his compact figure and a rapier attached to his sword belt and a jacket thrown over one arm. All of which was stained in dirt and grime.


The sun had reached its peak as Leonidas rode towards the Collen farm. His horse cantered down the road, one hand resting on the pommel of his saddle as the other hung on his side. An off-white tunic covered his athletic frame as a dark brown leather vest fitted over his chest. A wide satchel hung over his left side, holding his packed medical supplies.


None of the descriptions are symbolic (a few of their names have backstories)

Although, interesting enough, most of the characters were based on follower mods for Skyrim. 

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Here are Noah and Lorelei. The one with the mire peculiar features is Noah. He has darker skin than most Limerians because his mother was from the south. Doe to this, he does not have the traditional features of the imperial family - blond hair and blue eyes (his eyes are gray). Furthermore, after an enemy's spell exploded in his face, he has a huge scar and is partially blind in his left eye.

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The Butterfly Effect follows a bunch of characters, but I’d say these three are probably the most important for the overarching plot. They all appear in Departure, and (eventually, one isn’t written yet) they’ll all have a story in their view. From left to right, they are Natheniel, Tavin, and Philyra. Tavin and Philyra are technically wearing alt outfits (also why their lineart and shading is different, I combined all three into one picture), but it was the best art I’ve done of them recently.

I actually made a ref sheet for The Twins of Masylm cast once I decided I was going to draw more art of them. Unlike the pic above, this compares their actual heights as well. Other things worth noting is that Tinath has a hawk (which I don’t actually have a reference for) and Casrane, during the Side Story, doesn’t have any of those blue parts; the markings are gone, the streak in her hair is red, and her other eye is brown. It’s really not the best art of them, but it saves me from having to combine a bunch of other images together.

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Well, my story is a real person fanfiction. I have two pics actually. This is Darren Hayes, who was the lead singer of the nineties group, Savage Garden. I remember seeing him with long hair in his debut American video for the song "I Want You". Then in the next video, I think it was for "Truly Madly Deeply, he had cut his hair. I was bummed as a kid cus I've always liked men with long black hair. Well recently, I learn that he had self-image problems, and he didn't like that he looked androgynous. He is gay and has been dealing with that part of him since he was a child growing up in the 70s and 80s. He has had a rough life. So, in my story, I mention and include some of what he went through in his life, and I tie that to his appearance as well.
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