Stories You Also Liked

Hello, I can't see the " OTHERS HAVE ALSO LIKED " section under my own story, but it's there for all other stories I open. It doesn't appear even if I try to open my fiction page from an anonymous browser.

Anybody else had this issue? Is my story just too small to have that section enabled yet? Thank you for any info!

I think it's a cool feature and would love to have it enabled on my story page~


Re: Stories You Also Liked

Probably just a bug, report it, delete your cookies (or just the ones from RR) and see how that goes.

If it were blocked on every page then maybe it could be an addon problem or browser setting, but if it's just on your own story it's probably something to do with cookies.

Or maybe it just needs extra time to load the element for whatever reason.

Re: Stories You Also Liked

The recommendation box seems to be often blocked by cloudflare. Try to go into Developer Tools / Console and look if that reports a 403 for If that is there then cloudfare thought you might be attacking RR with that request and thus blocked it. I guess the way that data is retrieved a bit unusually, thus Cloudflare blocking it (after all Cloudfare cannot say what is an attack and what not. It works by looking if you are like the majority of users and if not it blocks you, because if you are not like the majority you are either a bot or not important enough to serve, so win for Cloudflare), because just opening that in the brower manually works fine even when the request from the recommendation box is blocked: