Discord Co-Author needed for In depth Science Fiction

Hey, been trying to get this story out of my head, and honestly its probably too big a story for anyone, especially the likes of me. Need someone to help me co-author/edit, and give writing feedback as I write it. For anyone interested the initial plans for the plot to look something like this:

Spoiler: Universe Outline:

Spoiler: Plot:

 Currently writing the 'jumped into portal of adventure to keep from dying' -bit. Which is already feeling a bit cliche, but other than how it sounds like storm troopers attempting to kill MC doesn't feel nearly as trope as it sounds. -obviously needs work-

Spoiler: Vague Plan of an Outline:

If co-authoring/editing this sounds like fun, or you think I am trying to do too much with this story simultaneously, (fair) PM or message me for links. Even if its just yapping about all the possibilities/ to nerd snipe me :)

Re: Discord Co-Author needed for In depth Science Fiction

OH! Appologies. I never noticed this post. Yes. The character is jumping through portals and will need to learn how to know what the laws of physics are going to be on the other side.

Is it going to be a normal science world? Will the physics be magic based? 'Natural/Jedi-force connection of things type?'

Some hybrid combination?

Will the physics of the local reality break the sensitive instruments/tools/chemicals that you brought from previous ones because it is unstable inside the alternate physics?

The first world MC jumps to is a post-apocalyptic world where a slightly-more-scientifically-advanced-than-earth world has had its own physics shift away from previous alignment to the detriment of the residents who were rather reliant on things like basic chemistry continuing to work exactly as they should had always worked.

**ahem** sorry I feel like if I didn't know what I was talking about that would not be very readable. Let me try again, should read more like:

a slightly more advanced world becomes: overgrown Gaia world; destroying the entire economy, logistics, and indirectly the sanity of a slightly-space-faring society in the process.

caused quite a commotion that.

Later it will be revealed that these types of events are caused by a universe spanning war where the laws of physics are adjusted with as much fanfare as a modern army might adjust a convoy route, or other logistical issues.