Discord Co-Author needed for In depth Science Fiction

Hey, been trying to get this story out of my head, and honestly its probably too big a story for anyone, especially the likes of me. Need someone to help me co-author/edit, and give writing feedback as I write it. For anyone interested the initial plans for the plot to look something like this:

Spoiler: Universe Outline:

Spoiler: Plot:

 Currently writing the 'jumped into portal of adventure to keep from dying' -bit. Which is already feeling a bit cliche, but other than how it sounds like storm troopers attempting to kill MC doesn't feel nearly as trope as it sounds. -obviously needs work-

Spoiler: Vague Plan of an Outline:

If co-authoring/editing this sounds like fun, or you think I am trying to do too much with this story simultaneously, (fair) PM or message me for links. Even if its just yapping about all the possibilities/ to nerd snipe me :)