Tale of Marboc & Naraboc - Made the Writathon list!

Yeah, yeah Zalut. Big deal!
You and 250+ others! 

I know I know, but I was so tremendously disappointed last night.  I truly thought the race was over for my part, and that I might as well go back to my main story. 

To take it from the top, I was editing away yesterday, happily secure in my knowledge of having written all the chappies and that I was just a few hundred words off from the goal line. 

Only to then see the forum threads, and realise that the Royalroad page is so great it was displaying the deadline in my own euro time, and not in the 'last timezone on earth' that was mentioned for the competition deadlines in the past announcements. 

So, 4 hours late I find out I was hundreds of words short when they threw up the list of the Writathon-half way success-stories! 

And then I spent the rest of the night in a panic thinking I had written this tournament story in a rush, all for nothing, when I might as well have taken it easy and worked on both that and the main story together. 

But then WING came to the rescue!  Royalroad admin extraordinaire. 

I am now on the list, posthumously! (Is that the word?)  

And back to feeling like a half-way winner again!  Go me, and go the Tale of the Coming Khan! 

Cheers for reading, I hope the Writathon treats all your readers and writers well!  And all praise for support workers who take the human factor into account! 

Oh yeah; link to the story: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/60282/tale-of-marboc-naraboc-the-coming-khan