2 bad reviews in a day!

I just woke up to find two different people review smashed my story solely on story content I warned people about in advance. From what I can tell this means I now have a successful RR story, yes? Or do I need the drive by 0.5's for that? Either way, my story is intriguing enough that people who were warned it contained exactly the things they hate still read parts of it.
Bad reviews suck, but I'll still take them.

Re: 2 bad reviews in a day!

I remember how happy I was when someone ranked my story 0,5, this was the first score I ever received. No matter what the score, knowing that someone read your story is fantastic! I just wished to know what mistakes I made so I could improve upon them, but I am glad that someone bothered to rank my story nonetheless.

Keep improving, don't let this weigh you down, and always be happy!

Re: 2 bad reviews in a day!

Congrats on hitting the 25k mark that's a great achievement and sorry about the bad reviews. I try to be positive about those kind of reviews but they always sting. Writing is such a personal thing that it hard to not take criticism personally. But as your wife so correctly suggested this only happened because they were jealous of your success.