Re: Writathon - Milestone

I've only just had my submission approved so I'm sitting on 1500 words actually uploaded so far, but I've written about 10K for the first draft and edited about 4600 so I can start uploading that now.  That 4600 came from around 3000 words of the drafts so I should be able to stretch the initial 10K out to 15k words to upload.

Still a long way to go yet but it is progress.

Re: Writathon - Milestone

larareispoetry Wrote: On the fourth day of the Writathon and reached 11K. 
This number usually takes me four weeks.
How are you all doing?
Are your eyes bleeding as mine?

You've got me beat. My story's currently sitting at 10,988 words.

The only time I've ever written more in the same time frame was when I'd procrastinated on doing a 15,000 word essay until the weekend before it was due when I was in college.

And I've never written as much fiction in such a short amount of time.

It's tiring, but I feel good.

Re: Writathon - Milestone

Congrats to all and keep up the great work!

Just crossed 10k myself this morning and man I feel amazing. Been a very long time since I've done NaNoWriMo or anything like it and I guess it's just the kick in the pants I needed. Seems like my ADHD is reacting very well to this persistent deadline feeling -- imagine that!