Starting new vs continuing an ongoing project

How many here are starting a new project for the writathon against continuing with old projects?

I have two projects on the go currently, but both with backlogs already done so the only options are re-uploading all the backlog, which feels like going against the whole spirit of the thing, or start something new.  I don't think I'd have problems with the word count but I fear it would stretch me out a bit too much and I'd have to title the story 'Warning - Don't read this.'

Interesting conundrum.  Might be better to wait this one out as by the next one open fo my current projects will be done and the other should hopefully have enough of a backlog built up so it doesn't get too neglected.

Re: Starting new vs continuing an ongoing project

My life has been such chaos lately that I ate through my whole backlog and actually owe a couple chapters to my readers, so having Writathon push me to put out that amount is actually a good thing.  That being said, I am obviously doing a continuation.  Also, Mr. Mom isn't all that long yet, so it works well.  And FINALLY my life is fitting this well, as I have time to actually write now.  First day I managed to more than double my normal daily word count, and I still have time to write more I think.  Really excited about this.

Re: Starting new vs continuing an ongoing project

I definitely considered a new work, as i'm kinda experimenting with one i've been trying for a while, but A> I've rewrote the first chapter four times and it still doesn't work right, and B> I dnon't really want to interrupt the flow on my main story which is going well.

So, continuation for me. Still, my story is pretty long so i'm not expecting any new readers from the writathon lol, it's just to help with the motivation, and so far it's working as i'be been beavering away nicely *grin*

I love progress bars, it's a weakness of mine to try and fill them...