Re: Favourite novels?

The Once and Future King. Legendary book. Rereading it now after studying Malory for class, really amazing how much better it gets with some actual familiarity with Arthurian myth. In a way it's kind of the best fan fiction ever written, really just a delight, very weighty themes and fun at the same time.

But I have a few that compete with it. Old School by Tobias Wolff isn't well known, but it's definitely the best "novel for writers" I've ever read, and pretty short so super easy to get through in one day, cry, then give it a few years to go back and relive the experience. Then, Dickens' Great Expectations is, to me the perfect novel. It's not quite my favorite, but in terms of technique I think it's legitimately never been beaten, at least compared to anything else I've read.

JeremyThornton Wrote: My favorite novel is "The Great Gatsby" anyone read it?

Gatsby's great! I mean, we all had to read it for a reason.

Re: Favourite novels?

Sir Terry Pratchett's Nation
A young islander experiences terrible loss during his coming of age, and encounters a girl stranded on his island. Together they must unite the straggling refugees and turn away a horrible evil.

The author of the Discworld series, his stuff overshadows just about everything I had read up to that point. I would have picked a book from Discworld itself, but Terry claimed that Nation was his "most important" work, and it covers a lot of the deeper things he touches on in Discworld.

Re: Favourite novels?

I have a list of a few dozens of favourites.

At the top are the following:

Agent of change (and the sequels) from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.
It's a space opera, and I have been throroughly convinced after reading it that this world is in dire need of clutch turtles.

A civil campaign by Lois McMasterBujold
It's one of the later books in the Barrayar series, so I wouldn't recommend it as an entry into the series, but for me it is the absolut best one. I have laughed so hard that I cried when I read it, at genius Miles' strategic and misguided efforts to win his beloved Ekaterin.

Jubilee trail by Gwen Bristow
An older book and one of my all time favourite feelgood stories about a young woman in the middle of the nineteenth century who travels with her husband to California.

Son of the shadows by Juliet Marillier
Part romance, part fairy tale that one gripped my with his hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.

Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
Mostly a romance, but oh so very beautiful.