Re: Can you grow readers posting once a week? Or does it have to be every day?

Qorvus Wrote: A lot of people like binging and don't like waiting.  Waiting is hard.  It's just the way people are.  They tend to be the ones that drive momentum which is why they tend to be the ones authors chase.   Or at least it seems that way.
The people most likely to spend $$$ to read ahead are these same people and you are 100% correct that they drive momentum. For myself I know when I read a story with a high release rate and then the release rate dips, it is hard to keep with up a story. I will wait awhile to binge it again, since it is frustrating not to have more chapters. This is even more true for Patreon. Authors are like drug dealers and the drug of choice is chapters. I personally don't think it is ever possible for a single author to outpace demand for more chapters over a long period of time.