Shout-Out Restrictions

Is it permitted to give shout-outs to authors on other webnovel platforms (eg. WN, ScribbleHub, WP), with a link to their work? If not, then should shout-outs be restricted to RR only, or can novels on other sites be referenced given that no link is added? Any other rules that shout-outs should follow?

Re: Shout-Out Restrictions

Don't know why it wouldn't be permitted, but I think readers wouldn't like to be linked to a different site. I mean, if I clicked a link to a story and it took me to WattPad instead of staying here, I'd be fairly annoyed. Especially since I don't have a WattPad account. And if I clicked something here and it sent me to the advert-filled ScribbleHub, I'd never click a story link again without checking that it stays on RoyalRoad.