Re: Free First Chapter Comments (14/30 slots open)

Fiends Wrote: I'd love it if you don't mind. Though I'd appreciate if you did the first full chapter and not the prologue, but I don't mind if you do lol. You're awesome for doing this!

ArDeeBurger Wrote: It would be nice to hear your thoughts on my newest tale, entitled TRANSCIETY.

In it, a device meant at first to rehabilitate criminals finds a use in married couples seeking to avoid getting divorced.

Of course, every good idea has an unintended consequence.
And Thank You very much! 😸

Sorry for the abysmal pace of my comments, but there's some progress! I hope you two find them to be of use or, at the very least, encouragement.

Re: Free First Chapter Comments (14/30 slots open)

What an offer. Very kind of you to do something along these lines. I would love to hear any comment about my 2nd novel- Emblem Apocalypse - chapter 0

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Arctic_Chains Wrote: I agree that early feedback is the most encouraging thing. 

That said, if the offer is still open (it looks like it is?) It'd be great I'd you could check out our new book, Starry Rose!

WhiteRose-BlueSpace Wrote: Heya, do you have space for "Of Blood and Stardust" by any chance? Thank you.

Lack Wrote: Why not, maybe you find something you like in mine. Thanks!

Done! Hope it helps!

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nickfeast Wrote:
SRo-se Wrote: I have this theory. I think the first comment I got on my fiction (by the ever lovely Aly) is part of what got me through writing and posting the next chapter and beyond. And yes, I'm currently on a hiatus, I do hopefully plan to come back.
Hi, if you're interested I'd like to hear what you have to say... the story is in the signature.

Done, belatedly. Sorry for the wait. And for my horrible pace. I was busy  DrakanSigh

Re: Free First Chapter Comments (CLOSED)

SilverFlame Wrote: Me please!

bulgariansumo Wrote: Oh, this is nice! Thanks for the offer, I'll gladly take it.

BobCharlie Wrote: I'll happily accept your offer. Thank you in advance!

BltNanox Wrote: Hi!
I'd be grateful if you take a look at my fiction Diaries of a Fighter. The link is below in my signature. Thank you!

Benjamin Wrote: I heard there was a reviewer in town. Seems like it's you. *I say in a stereotypical cowboy accent*

Jokes aside, here's my fiction:

Forsaken Wrote: I would love to be a part of this and get your input on my work, Devour City. I 100% agree with what you said about early comments really helping to fuel motivation to keep chugging forward.

i live!

(very sorry for the delay. i was feeling a lil under the weather these past few weeks)