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androzz Wrote: I'm looking for web novels where characters are building a kingdom. I've found a few like Modern Patriarch and The Royal System but so far nothing got it going for me. If you know any from RR please recommend me some !! thank you

Ok--this is going to sound weird, but hear me out. I'm about to begin this very thing. It's told in sequential arcs, with each arc being the advancement of the MC's goal of uniting seven or eight realms into a single nation, ready to kick the ass of a dark lord rising down the line. I typically write sword & sorcery, but for this sequence (which comprises about sixty thousand words) I'm working through more of a low fantasy, Arthurian lens.

The arc I'm publishing now is a sort of soft-origin for the character, so it's a good place to jump in, but the "assemble the lads" arc is next, and then kingdom-building stuff follows over the next few weeks.

I invite you to give it a shot as someone interested in kingmaking, and to tell me what you think!

Re: Recommendations: Kingdom-building novels

Matt59Red Wrote: I too, would recommend Hunter Sky.

I believe the author of that particular story would also endorse my own fiction, House of Honour as a suitable choice as well, though I do not want to put words in their mouth. 

I hope you find some stories to your interest.
This is true, I can vouche for house of honor having read it. I highly advise you check his out, it has even more kingdom building than mine to be honest.

Re: Recommendations: Kingdom-building novels

Here you go with RRL specific stories re:Kingdom building. However, I fear most are not being updated anymore. Enjoy and please share any new finds you come across. of the lord imperium god to goblin new world of magic