Re: Quick check up.

Much better. Happier than I've been for months. 


Because I stopped posting my series here. It's just exclusively on my website, with plans of putting the revised stories up on Smashwords. 

The reasons are complicated, long coming, and I still haven't manged to get it properly into words. But the ball of unhappiness I felt for nearly a year is gone. Today was the first day in a long time, I was excited about posting a chapter.

Do I feel bad about abandoning this place? Somewhat, but not really.

So you probably won't hear a lot from me anymore. I still have a story to finish here and that's it. I'm working on it. I'll work on it this weekend if the hurricane doesn't cut out power. Quite windy here today already.

Re: Quick check up.

I've been really wanting to write, but real life's been preventing me from doing so.
Probably won't be able to post any new chapters for a few months after my reserves of The Errant Otherworlder run out.
Using this "idle" time to do worldbuilding for new chapters of the John Brown Isekai; I think it'll be amazing when I find the time to convert aforementioned ideas into words.

Re: Quick check up.

So far, I’ve had four bad (read: sad and/or self-hating) days in a row. Not fun :/ Desperately hoping I get some help soon; it’s killing my motivation, too. I’m going in and out of being sad, happy, or normal.

On the slightly brighter side, I’ve been cooking up a new fanfiction idea for one of my favorite characters, so looking at pictures of her to make a cover cheered me up somewhat :) Still very little progress on original work, though.

Re: Quick check up.

Torn. This week was quite a shock when my next door neighbor got SWATted. Now I learned why and it's made me question a lot.

People are really, really complicated. The same person that goes out of their way to put themself in danger to save you and your family can still turn out to be (allegedly) a monster.

Really threw me for a loop.

Re: Quick check up.

Just recovered from Covid. Pretty shitty overall, but I'm super thankful that a relative came over from a somewhat faraway province just to take care of me. I can't even properly take care of myself when I'm not sick, so... yeah. Did I say I was super thankful? 

I'm super thankful.

I got fired from my job. The severance was FAT though, so I don't feel too bad.

Now I'm moving in with the afformentioned relative to save on living costs, while also being with her cuz she's old and all her kids have their own shit to do now.

Found a new job close to the new place, but it's a graveyard shift and the pay's shit. But whatevs, I'll just find something better when I'm stable. 

Adjusting my body clock and other lifestyle stuff is really hard. Learning a new job is hard. Resetting your social circle is... okay, I don't really care too much about that.

Also, my readers are having issues with the current state of my fiction. Followers seem to be increasing, but ratings are dropping... which is okay, but the thing that really gets to me is that I lost, like, 8 favorites in the span of a few days.
Like, 8 people were so disappointed in me that they literally took the effort to unfave... 
As for the comments. Oof.

So, how am I doing, you ask? I dunno. I guess I'm kinda sorta maybe okay...? I honestly don't know man... 

I'm just gonna try to keep on keeping on I suppose.

PS - Wow, putting all this in writing made me feel very slightly better. Thanks, OP.