Re: promote your story by giving your favorite quote from it!

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Re: promote your story by giving your favorite quote from it!

From a yet-to-be-published chapter. Not sure if it's my favorite or if it fully works out of context, but I'm... fond of it:

"But we humans are brimming with meaning, balancing it on our heads like a jug of water that teeters and splashes, drips popping over the lip, meaning landing in all the wrong places as we search for somewhere to pour it, for something to fill, something worth filling."

Re: promote your story by giving your favorite quote from it!

From Sanguine Symphony: Chapter Three

Quote:As he calmed, he realized that the flaming eye was attached to a cigar that was protruding from a fat roast beef head with a bald spot at the top. The person chuckled with his corpulent form jiggling much like Jabba the Hutt. He was bent so far back under the weight of his stomach that Darren thought he might accidentally slip and disappear up his ass.
- Not today, Satan! 🚫😈🛑👿❌

Original Writing

Re: promote your story by giving your favorite quote from it!

Izzbelle's 'modified' wedding vows from Infernal Academia, Chapter 43

Quote:"If I'm gonna be doin' this, then I'm sayin' what I wanna say."
"Cobalt, when I first met you, I fuckin' hated you."
"Or at least I wanted to. I saw that you were a Lust demon, and what with my experiences, I was dyin' for a chance to just..."
"So I made an ass of myself. I was used to it, just sittin' at the back and slingin' abuse, like I did last year. In fact, it got to the point then that Mr. Whitaker just gave up on me."
"But you didn't, did you?"
"Gah! Why'd you have to go and mess everythin' up like that?! I wanted you to be an asshole! Or some fuckin' creep! Or anythin' to give me a good reason to kick your teeth in!"
"But what the fuck did you go and do?! You went and tried. I put you through pure hellfire and you kept trying. You kept helpin' me even when I didn't want help, and if you couldn't do it, you got one of the girls to. I- I mean... I never had... Jelli and Karazelle and them... it was nice, you know...?"
"And that wasn't enough for you either, was it? No, not a fuckin' chance. You kept throwin' yourself in the firin' line, even goin' so far as to try and help me. Like really help me. And even when I had you by the throat and I was ready to just fuckin' crush it into a thousand tiny fuckin' pieces...!"
"You just kept at it! Sayin' that I didn't have to keep fightin'! Sayin' that I wasn't alone! Sayin' shit that I'm only gettin' now! Fuck!"
"Because of that, I found myself actually fuckin' likin' you, Cobalt! Do you have any idea how damn hard that is?! I've got enough shit on my plate without havin' to deal with you! Even now, do you realise what the fuck I'm tryin' to tell you?!"
"For fucks sake; I love you, dumbass! I love you, you stupid fuckin' idiot!"
"Ever since that night in front of the dorms! Every little stupid thing about you is just...! How you were so idiotically selfless?! The way you didn't fuckin' quit?! Your voice, your eyes; even the way your fuckin' wings flutter is-!"
"I- I'm sick of hidin' it! So I'm lettin' you know now! Do you understand me, dumbass?!"

Izzbelle likes swearing.

Re: promote your story by giving your favorite quote from it!

"What are you shy? They’re just boobs. I’ve seen your memories, I know what your internet search history looks like.”