Chapter lengths

Hi guys i'm on my road as an author and was wondering which is better.

Short chapters with frequent releases - eg 1,000-2,000 words
Or Long chapters with infrequent releases - eg 2,000- 6,000 words

Thanks in advance.
At the moment my chapters are between 1.5-2.5 k words on average and I'm feel i'm getting enough content in there with the opportunity in the future to expand on the chapters in terms of details.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Re: Chapter lengths

I aim for 2k+ for my chapters, and release 3 times a week, and it seems to be working for me as I am writing a little faster than that, so I can get ahead and create a backlog, but I also saw a post about becoming big enough to monetize that suggested aiming for 2K+ chapters at the rate of 5 times a week, and still actually writing enough to create a backlog. I'm going to try and bring myself up to that speed. 

One thing I absolutely agree with from that post though is consistent size. my chapters are generally within 200 words of each other, and now that I am in my rhythm never less than 2k. 

Re: Chapter lengths

This mostly depends, but in most situations 1-2k is best. I prefer to stick to the 2-3k range, myself, but if you're just starting out, 1-2k is both very effective at bringing in an audience because of the digestible length and for how it will get you more often to the latest updated page and might feel most intuitive to you to write. The difference isn't as big as you'd think, though. I wouldn't mull over it if I were you, and most readers will always be happy to get new content, no matter how long the chapters are.

Re: Chapter lengths

Thanks so much guys. If you get the time i'd appreciate any input. 
I've edited my chapters numerous times but know they can still be more polished grammmatically.

I'm trying to get a nice backlog going so that my edits aren't huge things by the time I release the next chapters.

I've built up an additional 3 chapters which i'll release 1 per day for now and i'm keeping them between 1.5-2.5k in length.

I think it will be easier to extend the length of each chapter with more time between writing it and publishing it as I re-read first and add/edit where I see fit.

Re: Chapter lengths

That was so annoying to have music autoplay on random websites back in the old days, it would be even moreso now. You could always put it on Soundcloud or something and just link to it in the author notes if you wanted.

As far as chapters go, the sweet spot is generally recommend to be around 1.5-2.5k per. Don't base your upload schedule on that though, base it on how much you can comfortably commit to in a week. You don't want to get yourself into a position where you've committed to writing and releasing more chapters than you can reasonably handle and then burn yourself out trying to keep up with it.

I only do 2 1.2-1.5k chapters per week at the moment and so far I'm doing fine. Update consistency is an important factor in this, I think. I have my release schedule written at the bottom of my story synopsis and have held to that since the start.