Tyranny, the Envoy of the Beginning

This has been the cover for a while and many have theorized but no one's gotten it right. Kaze has been hard at work doing various concepts for me, this one of the Seventh Sage of the Eikons Tyranny, Envoy of the Beginning. This marks the transition of The First Flame away from the wholesome slice of life romance it has been to something darker as the Eikons, Arylos's ancient enemy, are now waking up and planning war.

The first of which is Tyranny, an Eikon who took over the body of Nerseis (Reyz) whom Arylos has a long and complicated history with. A defeated and broken Reyz gave in to the seductive lure of the power of the Eikons, losing his humanity and becoming Tyranny.

The eikons are a race of parasitic cybernetic organisms with a simple motive; eradicate all life. And now that they are returning, Arylos will have to choose between rejoining the ancient war and leaving his peaceful life behind or continue to ignore the inevitable and watch the universe burn.

Outside of Tyranny, there are 6 other Sages and Kaze will at one point draw all of them.


Re: Tyranny, the Envoy of the Beginning

parkertallan Wrote: More great character art. Those eyes really up the intensity.
Thanks! There's a reason I keep coming back to Kaze.

I do agree with you, the eyes definitely sell just how the Eikons would apear. Kaze completed another Eikon that I'll be showing off when the time comes that also illustrates this well. Of course, I'll make a post when I'm ready for that one to be displayed.