Re: My TOP FIVE writing advice to all authors!

Great advices. O would also say that in order to write a good story author needs to have an experience. For example if my friend writes something about topic he doesn't know, he always does research. Like it was when he wrote story where one character was actually a swinger. So my friend had to actually visit swinger club in New-York in order to find out more about their way of life. So i think researching i important

Re: My TOP FIVE writing advice to all authors!

Strif3 Wrote: Smh I've had a female character since chapter one and haven't described her boobs yet. Frantically typing to rectify this error, I can't believe I would miss something so fundamental

Honestly, same 🙆

She does enjoy throwing bowls at the protagonist though for one reason or another.

Bowls are close enough to cups so I'll award me 50% of the points