Long-time lurker finally putting out fiction(s)

I am not very social, even online. It'd be more accurate to say I'm not social at all, which is pretty bad for a lot of things. But I absolutely love writing. I started out in fanfiction and I wanted to start posting my original stories somewhere. If I could, I would spend the rest of my life writing stories and worldbuilding, though I've come to realize that just writing stories isn't enough, they need to be released into the wild and grow on their own, so that I can grow with them.

I love most stories, which is a problem when I am so easily distracted. Progression, wuxia, fantasy, scif-fi, noir, westerns, speculative, I love reading and writing about them all, and I may occasionally come up with writing prompts. I also like learning coding, sustainability, and how to draw. I dream of the variety of stories I can put out in the world involving those fields of study. 

 I have a backlog of chapters from a LitRPG I've been on the fence about publishing, a superhero multi-POV story that I just started, and a fantasy story with a light RPG spell system in which I've published a few chapters, called Star Dragon's Legacy. I honestly think there's a much better title for it, but if you're interested in a strange mish-mash of cultures, demons that rely exclusively on body horror, a non-binary protagonist, and unconventional dragon lore, then it may just be your cup of tea.

Re: Long-time lurker finally putting out fiction(s)

Welcome. I hope you enjoy RR and your fictions find an audience.
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I also have fictions elsewhere. Fanfiction: FFN (Cinn), AO3 (Lilitia). Original: FictionPress (Lilitia).
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Re: Long-time lurker finally putting out fiction(s)

Welcome. Not particularly social myself, but I have found Royal Road a great place to stretch my social boundaries. No need to rush in. Take your time and get comfortable with the place. I agree with you about having to release stories to let them grow. I've learned so much about writing by doing that. Hope you enjoy being here and that many people read your work. Good luck.