A couple milestones to celebrate

So I have couple milestones I've been celebrating recently I'm that i would like to share with you all.

First, I posted 20 chapters with over 20k words so far. These were my goals that I was going to do no matter what. I needed to put the time it to get the practice and even if no one read anything i was going to do at least that. Completing this was so fulfilling. Not only did I follow through with my goals, but I have seen so much improvement too. The first and last chapters are night and day in terms of quality and just writing is so much easier.

Second, luckily people did read my story so I have some metrics to share as well. A little while back I passed 2k views. Though the last chapter blew that out of the water and I am well past that now. But it's still really exciting. Also passed more than 100 average views around the same time. Both were huge milestones for me.

 Lastly, I have a couple reviews from people who apparently really enjoyed reading! This means way more to me than I ever thought it would. Thanks so much!

Re: A couple milestones to celebrate

Cheers  DrakanWine 

I'm glad you earned so much XP between the first 20 chapters. As for me, I know that in such a moment, I would need to let it sink in and instead of writing read something to have a boost of energy. But, oh yes, your story motivates me to continue writing. 
Gray Shadow is a young hunter of the Crimson Alder clan, a daughter of the clan’s head. From her early days, she was taught the ways of fidelity and right. She vowed to protect the clan with her own life.
When everything she knows turns upside down and powerful forces converge in a struggle for magic and dominance, what should she do as the filial daughter of the clan? Would she stand true to the old principles that no one needs anymore apart from her? Or would she plunge headlong into the abyss, hoping to pass it through and find new morals?

Messenger of Dawn