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Re: [OPEN] I'm Giving Shoutouts To Deserving stories!

Ooh. I'm next! 🦋

Re: [OPEN] I'm Giving Shoutouts To Deserving stories!

Not sure whether or not I want to advertise myself yet. But I've got to start somewhere and your list is pretty long as it is, so I imagine it'll take a while for a shoutout anyway. 

Mine is high fantasy with a rather dark tone.
  • 37k words at the time of this post.
  • I believe it's readable, but you can be the judge of that. I'm biased. But didn't hear any grammar complaints from the 60+ readers I have. (numbered by views that track all over to the last chapter, 23 followers if that number doesn't count. Not advertising yet, or that's what I'm telling myself.) 
  • Cover art is in the signature.
It's called Myrsha.
Not exactly sure how a good shoutout works, so I'll trust your experience. 

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. 
I'm also in no rush to advertise, I'm ok with being moved down on your list too... Too much eyeballs scare me, trying to work on that, hence why I do this now...

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Re: [OPEN] I'm Giving Shoutouts To Deserving stories!

Greetings. I've just come across the concept of Shout Outs here on RR, so I'd like to take part. While I'm not new to writing, I'm new to this Platform so naturally I'm looking to promote my work and get some eyes on it.

I meet the criteria with this piece:

Ahn'Dia Lore & History - Anthology Book VI (Demon Queen Series, Epic High Fantasy) - ONGOING

I have an extensive backlog of work and I'll be updating regularly, all I really need is eyes to peer at the overall work. Feel free to give the work a glance over. If you find it satisfactory, feel free to get in touch with me here on RR.
Ahd'Dia: The Broken World -- A Book Series by NJRockingham -- Updates Weekly
Child in Darkness
(Demon Queen Series,
Epic High Fantasy)

(Demon Queen Series,
Epic High Fantasy)

(Demon Queen Series,
Epic High Fantasy)

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Re: [OPEN] I'm Giving Shoutouts To Deserving stories!

Jack0fheart Wrote: Hiya!

I've had a lot of positive feedback and results with giving shoutouts on my story, Hellion. Some of you may have seen it on the front page of Rising Stars this past week. So, I've decided after consulting with my readers to give a shoutout to a deserving story with every chapter. 

There are some conditions, though:
• Story must have at least 10k words (A shoutout is useless if your readers don't think you're there for the long haul)
• It must be properly readable. I'm vouching for you, after all
• You need to have a cover picture (Shop around the forums for one or catch me in a generous mood)

I look forward to hearing from you!

To do list (I'll cross them off as I add them to scheduled chapters for my own reference):

The Parvenu
- Parallel Hearts
Bleeding Chrome Hearts
- Glimpse of Eternity
- Grave Walker
- Vow of the Willow
- The VocaLords
- Doom Valley Prep School
- The Last Philisopher
- Descent
- Night Game
- No Heroes There
- Throwaway Villain
- The Butterfly Effect
- The Silver Path: [The Strongest Psionic]
- Burden of a Fire Dragon
- Second Chance Apocalypse - Re: System Summoner
- The Tragedy of the Falcons
- The Logbook Quest
- A Fourth Dimension Reality
- Deals With Deities: A Beginner's Guide
- MeatSpace
- Ascension: The Coming Storm
- Fiends For Hire
- Surviving the Arcanum
- Of Blood and Stardust
- Solar Flare
- Inescapable Escapism
- Etherious
- Touch O' Luck
- Myrsha
- The Trials of the Lion
- Killing Demon as a Deity
- Order: Slayer [Modern LitRPG]
- The Destiny Hex
- The Rising Fist Saga (A Lite LitRPG Not Fit For You)
- Solar Flare

Hey there!
I'm in the process of releasing my story on RR chapter by chapter, I love that you're doing this and would appreciate a look and, if you like it, a potential shoutout! The story:  Rise of The God King (A LitRPG Adventure) | Royal Road

Re: [OPEN] I'm Giving Shoutouts To Deserving stories!

I would love a shout out if you're still offering!

My story will technically count as soon as the chapter goes up today.  The chapters in my book are a bit longer than the standard here, so I've been chopping it up into more digestible chunks and uploading them Monday's and Fridays.  I have enough written and enough of a backlog that I can keep this up for several months even if I didn't write another word. 

I have a current working cover, as shown in my signature, but I'll be investing in a full on book cover before publishing.
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