Writer intro!

Hello everyone!

Just found this site the other day and knew I had to make a profile here!  My name is Drake, I am a genre fiction writer hoping to make a career of it.  I dabble in Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, and Historical Fiction.  Most of my ideas can be found on my site, Writer's Errant.

Currently working on a project inspired by the tabletop RPG, Dungeons and Dragons called Tales from Tabletop!  I'm going to slowly post the chapters I've written weekly, just until I catch up with the current work on my site.

Look forward to meeting and collaborating with you all!

Re: Writer intro!

Welcome to Royal Road. Making a living writing is an ambitious goal and I hope you're able to achieve it. I definitely recommend checking out the beginner's guide in Cinn's signature above. Lot of great information including how to add a link to your story in your signature. Being active in the Forums is a great way to get to know the community and for people to get to know you and your work. Hope you achieve all you wish to here and that many people enjoy your work. Good luck.