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Ok, going down my Follow list, skipping ones that have been mentioned:

For a Dungeon Core that is very light on System/LitRPG stuff, I would recommend No Epic Loot Here, Only Puns. It's not zero, but it goes lower as the story progresses. 

Dao of the Deal is a cultivation story, no LitRPG elements, and I really like the story of this merchant-Daoist.

Stonesong is an interesting grimbright setting story. 

We also have Reborn From the Cosmos, but read the synopsis thoroughly, it's not for everyone and some parts are a bit much for me. 

And I might as well plug my own, No Need for a Core? which is not a LitRPG and mixes Dungeon Core with standard fantasy elements and a small harem. 

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Hi, I'd like to recommend my story Fiends For Hire. It's a modern fantasy currently sitting at 530 pages with daily updates for the next month that will bring it up to almost 1400.

The synopsis:

The Slayer and The Vixen. The world's greatest monster hunter and bounty hunter, respectively. Through their combined efforts, the world has been able to enjoy an era of piece for nearly a decade since the end of The Drazah War. But when their identities and the source of their power is revealed, all of their admiration turns to terror and they're deplored as the worst Fiends alive. Wanting nothing more than to service the world they feel responsible for, the pair must find new ways to help those who fear them. These Fiends are For Hire.

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You should check out my story, no LitRPG elements.

I was taken from my home and brought to a distant land, Alone.
I arrived a Boy, treated as a Slave, Conscripted as a Soldier, survived as a Huntsman, and claimed my vengeance as a Titan.
After decades of fighting a war I had no part in, and having lost all those I hold dear. I returned home, a broken and tired man. Only to find that maybe my war has only just begun.

Aleks’Andros Titanos returns home after five decades at war, hoping to find a place to belong and a chance at peace.
But fate has a cruel sense of humor and old habits die hard, as he’s faced with the realization that his homeworld may not have been as mundane as he’d once thought.
Vampires stalk the night and werewolves roam the countryside, all the while witches barter their craft and covert government organizations scheme.
Will he find the life he’s looking for, or will he be forced to regain the powers he left behind and face the demons of his past?
Only time will tell.

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So from what I read in your description, you want a proper magic system with good character development. There are two I advise:

I think you'll find the flare you want. I quite enjoyed the first chapters of each.

However, I don't think you'll enjoy mine since it is heavy on character development, and you would find the tactical description of combat and combat itself on the latest arc.

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GM_Turtle Wrote: Howdy! I'm quite fed up with LIT-RPG serving as filler text and extra math to lose me in the story. I'm fine with checking out some stories that does it well, but I really need some new books to read that break the boundaries a bit. Anyone got any suggestions? Also, preferrably stories with a few hundred pages, enough to binge it for a while or get into it enough where I'm actively waiting for new chapters. Thanks so much!

 - Turtle

You're more than welcomed to check mine out. It's a non-LITRPG fantasy story that's already over two hundred pages long with more parts posted daily. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the work. 

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If you're looking for work that's non-LitRPG, I can rec my own work, The Stormcrow Cycle. It's slow-burn tragic romance fantasy set in a Greco-Roman world with a dash of Dune. It's been described as either being Frank Herbert's Misery or JRR Tolkien's Twilight, ha. 

Other recs: 

Frostbound (Chilly northern fantasy with an interesting magic system.)
Scionsong (New adult-ish style fantasy with a fun magic system--very "scientifically grounded", taking place in a pretty grim setting.)
Pyrebound (Grimdark coming-of-age fantasy in a strongly Mesopotamian setting.)
Outsiders of Xykesh (A DnD campaign in novel form, basically.)

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Story: Neo-Tokeyo 199X: M1 [Tags: Action, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Male Lead, Tragedy, War and Military]

In the spring of 199x, Arron Wynterz traveled to the Megacity Neo-Tokeyo for a new job opportunity, so that he can send money back to his parents to keep the family farm running.
The new Megacity is the capital of Nippon and was born after the many disastrous decades known as the [Troubles].
Built with both the latest technology and bold Ideas, It soon became the pride of the [Party of Mother and Father] and an example for all member states of the World Humanitarian Organization [WHO].
High tech. High wages. High crime.
Join Arron Wynterz as he travels from his small country town to the Megacity and navigates his many encounters with the [Party of Mother and Father], the [Office of Reason], underground criminal organizations, and possibly even separatists.
Everything is great or is it?

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Sure thing. Here is the first recommendation if you like stories about mythos:

Do you want a more action-packed superhero story? Don't worry, I've got you covered too:

Or how about a slower-paced story with great worldbuilding and action? Here it is:

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God-Clad is really, really good. If you like Cyberpunk. No Lit-rpg elements, but it meshes Cyberpunk with Magic in a way that is not only believable but fantastically metal. Gorey and grim but just generally a quality story.

The Homunculus Knight - My baby. High Fantasy about an Undead hunting Warrior on a holy mission to a town enslaved by Vampires.

The Realm of Monsters - Another good High Fantasy about a Goblin Mage trying to survive and even thrive in a broken world.