I'm writing a parody of ecchi. What kind of jokes would you want to see?

Story is about 1940s private investigator. He becomes a tentacle monster and needs to build a space harem. The big twist is the parody part: I want to subvert the ecchi genre by writing something wholesome. Instead of a story about a teenager who can't control his excitement, the story is about a man who is disinterested in women because his line of work has caused him to see them almost entirely as threats. He has to grow past this and learn to trust and respect the opposite sex as well as forgive those who have wronged him. Jack becomes a protector and something of a father figure, like a professional coach.

So, what jokes would you want to see? The more wholesome the better. What are some shows or something I can watch to make this a better parody?

Re: I'm writing a parody of ecchi. What kind of jokes would you want to see?

It's hard to imagine how exactly this story will function, but here's what I could think of regarding the question.

Teaching someone through the physical manipulation of their body. Like holding someone's hand while they are writing, but with tentacles instead of hands.
Related to the above: physical manipulation to stop someone from moving completely.

A chase scene enactment whereby someone is taught to run away from an alien. I'd imagine this as an alien:isolation(game)/life(film) type of situation written from the POV of whoever is running, the twist being that when the MC does inevitable catch them it doesn't end up as either a horror or hentai scene.

Getting rid of an airway obstruction, I don't think I need to explain this one.

Related to the above: new research shows that future treatments of certain conditions might involve anal oxygenation. By applying certain liquid compounds that can be super saturated with oxygen the thin inner lining of the intestines can absorb oxygen from it bypassing the need for fully functional lungs. Again, I don't think I need to explain how this can fit into a tentacle monster setting. Mucus.

That's all I could think of right now. If more comes to me I'll add to the list.

Re: I'm writing a parody of ecchi. What kind of jokes would you want to see?

Some good comedic beats can be when the tentacles have a mind of their own, sort of like the tentacles from Assassination Classroom or the robotic arms of Doctor Octopus from Spiderman 2.

If your character is this stoic detective who is disinterested, the tentacles can provide good comedy by doing some "funny business"(obviously not r18, but you are doing ecchi) and lead to him interacting with the girls due to the actions of his tentacles. From there, you can build a relationship where he begins his character growth.