60k Views Rise of the Business [Class]

We're just a few chapters off from finishing book 1, and I just wanted to share a new milestone to celebrate tonight! 

60k views is so much more than I would have dared to expect when I started writing this first project just 2 months ago. Cheers everybody who found the time to give my story a shot, despite so many amazing tales competing for your attention on here! 

I am still thinking I will land at about 130k words, but time will tell. I have been extending more than one scene I thought would be a blimp. 

My story is at 290 followers currently!  

300 does feel like the magic number, if you get even 1% of your readers wanting an advance chapter at that point, that's 3 people paying you monies for words straight from the dome! 

I feel certain we will get there with book 1, so I am feeling on top of the world and like I can actually give this writing thing a go. 

I know it would not have been possible without the great community you are all fostering here on Royalroad! 

Quote:Rise of the Business [Class] is a story about a world where humanity ended up fleeing Earth through space, after suffering several great disasters at home.

On arrival we crash-landed and were soon attacked by magic wielding civilizations who learned how to deal with our weaponry with a speed that belied their seemingly simplistic nature. We were lost. But eventually we survived by abandoning technology and adapting.

But this tale takes place thousands of years later, after humanity has had time to rise and falter more than once. It tells of a time where we adapted too much, focusing only on combat and magic and learning to rely on the [System] that our ancestors built in order to compete and survive on this hostile planet with the others.  

This is a story about our final chance during a time when all of humanity is under siege again, where we struggled to adapt too late and ultimately had to learn how to summon a collection of people from Earth through time and space to come help - but not to the 'besieged time' but back a couple of hundred years - before it went too far down the wrong path, so they can hopefully change things enough to prevent a return to that timeline.

Follow Livia as she is ripped from her favorite library and end up getting lucky, or unlucky? On her very first day on the Elderwood continent.

While a trio of native lads excitedly leave home to find adventure, oblivious to how very soon they might end up entangled in the fate of the world.

But the question that remains to be answered, that this first leg of the journey aims to find out; is what can a LitRPG bookworm like Livia do if called on to change humanity and prepare us all for the future, all before her 21st birthday?

My story begins with a prologue to introduce the world from a native humans perspective, and to show how the people Livia first meet are not just some randoms, although it may appear that way from Livia's POV.

Eventually, as the story keeps developing, all the major [Guild] members will be MC's of their own arcs if they've earned that right from their reader reception.
But despite the fluid nature of the middle, make no mistake that this is a story with a major endgame plot hidden in the background that will become more and more evident as each new installment finishes.

The main story with Livia as the MC starts at chapter 16, but the chapters are rather short in the beginning so that's not as far in as it sounds. 

Cheers for 60k everyone! Appreciate it a ton!