Re: Anime- Like Stories?

You can read my story the Mad King of the Treemen, I'm translating it from French with the help of machine translation. It's  illustrated with Anime/comic book art and follow a classic high fantasy YA plot. I was inspired by One Piece and local high fantasy to conceive the story.  The Rewrite was mostly to add worldbuilding, and foreshadowing, as well as change some key plot points to allow a better transition to book 2. 

Re: Anime- Like Stories?

You might like mine, it's got battles in it and big time brawls.

Quote:Solar Flare is a soft scifi superhero romp.

Action from the word go with enough downtime for world and character development.

Azonne Le (the pink alien) is the latest to wield the Cyntaff, a pair of golden rings known as the most powerful weapons in the universe. She serves the Balance and can call on all the skills of her direct predecessors in a lineage that stretches back to the dawn of time.

It's been a nightmare.

Sentient hate and pain, known as the Nameless (the many eyes you see there), emerges on her home planet making her the last of her kind. She seeks help on the planet Izanami, home to legendary hero Captain Steel, where she meets Roxanne Belmonte (the redhead).

Roxanne is a gifted but lazy 16 year old indomitable red head just trying to survive a capitalist dystopia, where the government is just a corporation and AI's take care of everything else.

But Azonne didn't come alone: The Nameless is there too. As it erupts across the planet Azonne realizes that Roxanne is her successor.