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His Soul Goes Marching on to Another World; or, the John Brown Isekai: Sic Semper Tyrannis
"His soul goes marching on!" is from John Brown's Body, portal fantasy is essentially about souls marching on to other worlds, hence "His soul goes marching on to another world!"

John Brown + Another World = John Brown Isekai, a short eye-catching alternative title to bait readers in who might not know the lyrics to John Brown's Body. This shorter title is also easier to remember and talk about, which helps with the marketing.

"Sic semper tyrannis" is a Latin phrase meaning "thus always to tyrants", or in plain English "tyrannical leaders will inevitably be overthrown". The whole story is about deposing slavemongering protagonists and leaders, so the phrase seemed appropriate. This subtitle only shows up on the cover, I didn't want the fiction title on the RR page to be too long.

The entire title is also supposed to be a parody of overly-long portal fantasy / LitRPG titles.

The Errant Otherworlder
The word "errant" can mean both "wandering" and "prone to making errors or misbehaving".
The story is about an errant otherworlder who does both of the aforementioned, hence "The Errant Otherworlder"

Re: Promote your story by telling us how/why you named it what you named it

Mr. Mom is fairly simple. It's a man (starts as a boy, really) that accidentally gets the class Mother. He'll spend the first arc having to accept the class,  despite his wishes of wanting to be rid of it, because he has to be better at the class to have a chance of  changing it.

Basic Skills is named around the idea that the basic skills are the building blocks of great skills. By combining these basic skills the MC will make more powerful skills than those that have been inherited by the more established people. It also hints at people needing to possess basic combat knowledge or skill to be effective combatants.

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Why Messenger of Dawn? It’s hard to explain without spoilers, but I will do my best.

Phoenix is considered to be the king of magical birds. It awakes in the morning and flies high, shining like a shooting star and denoting the dawn of a new day. But who will play its role after the king is gone for good? Will the sky ever remain dark?

The title came to me when I finished drafting the first ark and had some preliminary plans for the future. At that point, it looked allegorical, not very strong, but it had enough connection with the first ark and some potential, so I decided to pick it. Only now, when I’m finishing making the first part and working on drafts for the next two, did I realize that this phrase plays a significant role in the destiny of one of the MCs and helps to make the life-changing decision when the surrounding world drowns in the darkness.

Re: Promote your story by telling us how/why you named it what you named it

The Silver Path.

The reason for my title is very straightforward. 

Once upon a time long ago, there was a competition to decide who was to be granted Everything. This competition saw countless souls participate, from the common man to famous and infamous legends and actual Gods. My MC, being part of everything, was also forced to participate in this competition. He, as the title suggests, came in second place and henceforth became known as Silver.

My novel 's main goal is for Silver to retread his path to the top, going from weak to strong to obtain Gold.

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Mine is called 'Rise of the Business [Class]' because I wanted something that showed it was a LitRPG, but that also brought to mind a sort of struggle against a society stuck in stagnation. 

In this case it is a humanity which has delved to deeply into the arts of magic and combat, that is so characteristic of progression fantasy, neglecting the basics like salesmanship and artisanship and salesmanship. The details that can give you the rare opportunity needed to catapult you into success and stardom, if you're actually not able to rely on plot armor. /SHADE /SHADE THROWN

On a more serious note, I am heavily inspired by stories like The Wandering Inn and Beware of Chicken, who use slice of life and the struggles of trying to balance a budget, to sort of ground the tales of all the epic stakes and superheroes of more traditional epic fantasy. 

That said, don't raise your expectations, this is my first story. Check me out! 


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The name of my soon to be published work will be Nightmare Paradise, because it's set in an afterlife that's less of the typical Christian paradise and more of a grimdark, Gothic Victorian setting with souls turning into monsters and the politics behind the very system of reincarnation itself (think the noble families in Bleach, not comparing my work with something like Bleach it's amazing at what it does in my eyes just an easy comparison)

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Heralds of the Dark Age. book 1 is hound of sorrow. Book 2 is Howl of the Undying.

DrakanFascinating  it's about a guy who is unable to die and is prophesied to be one of the people who brings about a dark age. They call him the "hound of sorrow" because prophecy says "the undying who will hound the world to sorrow and repent." I'm sure this doesn't need further explanation. 

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For me, I named my book Moonlight Blue without any meaning. But when I was writing volume 2 of the series, it came to me. I named it Moonlight Blue because looking at the moon calms the heart. Not only that, looking at the moon reminds me or at least the MC about all the struggles he overcame to reach that point in time. To reach the point where he'll get to watch the moonlight he loves. To reach the point where he'll busk in the light of his victories.

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I chose it because I liked it. End of story.  

Appeal wise: It's a single mysterious word that you have no idea what it means. Curiosity killed the cat. Ahem... I mean brings readers and eyeballs. 

The word Myrsha is the name of one of my fictional languages, and the language the MC needs to learn in order to use the element of her magic. 
The meaning of the word itself becomes apparent pretty early on. The meaning also foreshadow the plot as well.

And it's also a wordplay with my MC's name Marisha. (I actually picked her name based on the word Myrsha, the word Myrsha existed in my world before the MC of this particular story did.) 

I'm not a fanatic of Tolkien's work, I think it stretches too much into world building (at least the books are) and less about the plot.
But I absolutely love his approach to fictional languages. (And world building. His world building is amazing, I just wish the story itself was a faster read.)

I have a weird hobby of creating fictional languages and adding them to my work.
(Dw, translation is provided if the PoV character understands the language. Partial translation for partial understanding, and if it sounds like gibberish to the MC, then it'll sound like gibberish to the readers too.) 
Currently I have 9 consisting languages, though 1 of them is a bit small and new compared to the others. I might make more if the plot requires them, or if I feel like it. I add more words to each language as I go.

And yes. I'm very much aware that most people just skip to the translation. I don't care. It's my weird hobby and my fiction to create. 

As for individual volume titles: 
1st volume: Myrsha. The Law of Magic and Souls.
2nd volume: Myrsha. The Law of Wolves and Sheep.
3rd volume: Myrsha. The Law of Gods and Monarchs.
4th volume: Myrsha. The Law of Mothers and Blood. (Subject to change, it's only in early draft.)
5th volume: Myrsha. The Law of Iron and Cobalt. (Subject to change, it's only in early draft.)

Explaining why each is named this way, would be massive spoilers, suffice to say that each has to do with events in the books and leave it there.

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The name of my fiction is pretty straightforward but this wasn't always the case. During my last attempt to write my story, I had the MCs being moved around specifically because their parent was a cosmic eldritch being that I called the Divine Limit. The only problem was that I didn't mention what the divine Limit was in the story. I wanted to keep Him as a background fixture who affects the story without being involved until very deep into it. Similar to maybe Madara Uchiha lol.

In my reboot of the old story I decided to put my cards out there, give the readers a glimpse into what the MCs actually are. Well, it's all fantasy lore but a straightforward title made the most sense for me.

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Doom Valley Prep School
It's named after the school where most of the story is set. Because it's a comedy and a bit of a parody, I wanted an evil sounding name that would make someone smile or cringe.

The Oubliette
It's named after the supervillian prison. I suck with names.

Necromancer Unmanned
This is a play on words. The MC is a necromancer who was resurrected into the body of a newly deceased young woman, so he was unmanned.

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My titles are usually unintentional. They're the victim of circumstance lol

The Demonic Repentance
I wrote this story when I was younger and I had no idea what the word "Repentance" even meant. I just heard it and used it in my title. Now, after figuring out what it meant, it works to explain the MC's forced repentance after he spends the whole story in denial of his true feelings. (The story that's on RR is quite old, it's virtually unreadable. I've sense gotten a beta reader to help me hash out a better story.)

Quiet Girl
I'm not a big fan of harems where the MC seems to not understand they're surrounded by people who all want to date them, so I wrote a story with a semi self-aware MC who has realistic thoughts of someone involved in a harem. Since vocalizing these thoughts would make the MC unlikable, she chooses to keep it to herself.

A Fourth Dimension Reality
I only came up with this title as a counter to someone who was vehement in telling me I can't write about the metaphysical 4th dimension (yes, I hold grudges). Now, it serves to be the world the characters can go into and the kind of beings the MC and deuteragonist are.

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My story is named Tales from Tabletop due to the origins of the story.  It came about due to a failed campaign of D&D 5e in college where I spent a lot of time and effort crafting a fun and interesting character that never got to really experience a campaign.  So, I took the notes from that and crafted a unique narrative that attempts to capture some of the charms of Tabletop RPGs.  Basically a mixture of a few mysteries, unique cast of characters, fun character interactions, and a good heaping of fantasy action.  The only non-Tabletop element I have in the story is the importance of the MC, as she is the driving force of the plot on the whole.

The first volume is basically the first book in the series, Ocean's Heart.  It is a reference to something important both to the story at large and the plot of the first arc in the story.