Re: Someone made me cover art!

That is an awesome cover! Who made it for you? 😻

Re: Someone made me cover art!

zaifyr Wrote: I started writing here purely for fun and never expected anyone to read it. I have about 10,000 words or so with 500 views. Yesterday I got a message with a cover made for my story! Absolutely made my day! Thanks so much!
That art is Awesome! Congratulations!
War Crimes of a Dronemancer
War Crimes of a Dronemancer
Ice, a gamer and drone designer dies and gets sent to another dimension. Given an AI linked to a System store based off his memories and abilities. Can he survive the war he is forced into? Or will he fall like the others?

Re: Someone made me cover art!

Very cool! I can only hope to get that popular someday
Rhett Remington: The Monster Bounty Hunter (Game lit)

The morning after blowing the brains out of a half-dressed Succubus, I woke up on my couch with a full time hacker and part time Lyft drive making me coffee, a Court Bailiff at my door with a contract I can't refuse, and a whole lot of unanswered questions.

As it turns out all those monsters from the spooky stories are real. From your blood sucking vampires to the occasional big foot, there are a thousand different things that go bump in the night, and most of them want to kill you. Officially a secret, some of them are as evil as Satan himself, others just want a long-pig dinner, but either way you can be sure if you see one, it won't end well.

On the other side is the the S.C.P Bureau, the people who secure, contain, and protect  the mundane society from the worst of them, or at least that’s what’s on their business cards. Then there are contractors, the Bounty Hunters, and that’s where me and my new team come in as their newest recruits, but if I fail the paranormal interview by fire, I die.

Welcome to my world.
I’m Rhett Remington, The Monster Bounty Hunter.