Free Reviews for First Five People - Round 5 {CLOSED}

Here we go again.

I offer the first five people who respond to this thread a free review of their story.

I can’t promise I will read your entire story, however, you will, in the worst-case scenario I’ll read at least a couple of chapters and you will receive a simple review.

If your story sparks my interest, I’ll write an advanced review instead. 

Since I don't have a story of my own, this is not a review swap, only thing to get a review is to reply to this thread and ask. You just need to be among the first five people.

The only thing you have to do is to be among the first five people who reply to this thread.

And closed, with the five people who replied fastest below. 

+ Optional Favor in Exchange for the Review: Give one or more stories in my Favorites a chance, those all were stories I were asked to review in the past, and yours could be there as well in the future. You don't necessarily need to review them, I would however like to give them some visibility

Re: Free Reviews for First Five People - Round 5 {CLOSED}


Stories to receive a review:

First story was reviewed (since I've read author's other thread).

Other will receive their reviews A.s.a.p.