Series wherein the MC really is the only guy NOT to get a “cheat power”

As in, if he gets abandoned by his classmates/“friends”

He doesn’t turn out to somehow have an OP grinding based power

That’s everyone else in his group

No, if he has powers, whilst useful they’re NOT powers like that of “The Gamer” with an ever increasing number of unrelated skills/powers

Instead, maybe he’s just got something like Basic Physical Enhancement and Non-Elemental Energy attacks

And instead of gaining so many unrelated spells/powers

He just has to legit use his powers creatively and he finds that he has actual limits that can’t be so easily overcome and has to use his head for the majority of his battles

Think if the MC were a Shounen Protagonist like Yuuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen and his classmates are guys like that Redo of Healer dude or Shield Hero dude, who have an ever increasing number of powers

Or think of the various Naruto-In-Name-Only/NINO guys on FFN meeting Canon Naruto and telling him that he’s “weak” for not being as edgy as them or using Kage Bunshin No Jutsu to learn a million jutsu and fighting styles in less than a month

Re: Series wherein the MC really is the only guy NOT to get a “cheat power”

Syr456 Wrote: Ah, I see you've read some Arifureta? (the light novel) xD
Nope, but I've seen similar

The cliche was terrible from the start and reminded me of all those edgy fanfics on, especially with their obsession with "betrayal" and "woe is me"....Naruto wasn't lynched daily by Konoha and just because he didn't gain loads of powers/skills with his shadow clones, doesn't mean he's dumb, especially since he could figure out weaknesses and come up with tactics even in PT1 all the way to the Shinobi War

It just better goes to show the writer's "intelligence" in that their idea of "smart" fights involves the MC being "rational" and level-grinding everything and just spamming some big overpowered stuff

The average shounen "idiot" is smarter than the average LN/WN protagonist and that says something about how the action's handled