Intro Arc Finally Done!!! (Plus my terrible secret)

A little over 2 weeks and 40k words later and I'm finally concluding my introductory arc TONIGHT. What's that saying about slow and steady...? haha

I felt really dejected a few days ago with depleting numbers (I know, I know - I'm a hypocrite), but forced myself to keep writing and things are starting to look up already! I broke 10k in rankings WOOT WOOT!

My secret, as promised: I have zero chapters ahead. I realize I'm insane. I've been writing a 1k-3k chapter a day after work and consistently uploading them. I know where my story is going and wrote out a bunch of ideas/arcs/monsters etc but I haven't had the time to create a backlog. Sometimes I surprise myself and it keeps it fun, like a daily TV adventure serial I get to tune in for (except I'm writing it). 

Flying by the seat of my pants and I don't know if I can get off this ride but I'm going to KEEP GOING! Thanks to everyone who gave me support. It's awesome seeing other writers helping writers. 



Re: Intro Arc Finally Done!!! (Plus my terrible secret)

Cymas Wrote: Awesome, congrats! Also very brave lol. It's ok to slow down the schedule a bit if you need to, or try to build up at least a few chapters for just in case situations.

Thanks! I'm realizing it's definitely leaning closer to dumb than it is brave lol. As soon as I get a quiet day off I'll try to build up some more chapters. Daily posts have been hard, and some days I don't feel like it, but not wanting to disappoint my readers (however few) is a really good motivator. It's forced me to build good writing habits too. I haven't written this much since high school.

Re: Intro Arc Finally Done!!! (Plus my terrible secret)

JL Wrote: Congratulations! Lol, I struggle to put out 1300 words every other day. No idea how you're doing it.

Crippling fear of failure haha. Plus, I'm really enjoying what I'm writing so far. Having a general idea of where the plot is going gives me a chance to breathe and explore a bit if I suddenly have an exciting idea. Also, I write really fast (it's the editing that takes forever). Mechanical keyboards for the win. 

The accepted longer lengths of web novels also lets me indulge in my worst book writing trait - which is brevity. I suck at keeping things short. So, having the chance to finally spread my writing wings and not worry too much about the overall pacing of a three act structure and just focus on a chapter at a time helps a lot. Feels like a weight has been lifted.