Anyone else dying from the heat?

Because I am. I'm i socal and it feels like the insidious fusion of a Sauna and oven. 

I know I don't have it as bad off as the people in other regions do, IE, Great Britain with their heat wave, but man it's terrible. 

(PS: if you're in a place that hasn't had a heatwave before, and does now, take those warnings seriously. You would not believe how fast you can go from 'i can handle it' to "need a transport to the hospital."

Re: Anyone else dying from the heat?

I'm just happy there hasn't been constant heat indexes in 100's. Oh it's hot here. It's been in the 90's for the last month. And I only go a short reprieve visiting my in-laws who live in the mountains last weekend. The climate up there is different because of the higher elevation. It was cool and rainy up there as always. It's been either hot and dry to oppressively humid, to dry again here. I can only write in the morning. Too hot otherwise.

Re: Anyone else dying from the heat?

I live in Arizona so 110+f (43c) isn't anything new to me. Recently it's cloudly so it's more like 90f(32c). I just get farmer's tan easier and that's about it. Prior to covid it would mean I'd eat at home more but now I order food delivery more often.

edit: I have AC so inside my house it isn't bad. Becaus I have my PC in my room it does tend to be a sauna so I have to frequently use a portable fan next to my PC so it doesn't overheat and turn off when I'm in VR (which is usually almost always recently)