Webnovel where the MC gets isekai'd to a xianxia world with a shop system and has to train disciples but he's (...)

It's been years since I've seen this story and at this point I'm not even entirely sure if I had found it on this website but I remember the premise vividly. MC dies (either from a mistake on god's part or just in an accident) and gets sent to a xianxia world where he's tasked to find and train promising disciples. The catch is, the MC has to act like he's a famed ancient practitioner but he's not much stronger than you're average martial artist at best with the help of his system. 

Tldr: mc has to bs his way into raising super disciples by acting like a grandmaster himself.

I loved the premise of this story and at this point, I just want to know what happened to it. even if it got deleted or put on permanent hiatus, just having that little bit of closure would be wonderful