Re: Promote your story, but make it rhyme!

Out a portal drops a fem, slipping through the city then,
Souls cry in pain as destruction rains apon them,
something sinister is found, will it be the end of all?

A soul tears and screams in pain Merryn will never be the same.

Flash of a sword, paws of might giving hope in the night.

She runs, and runs eternal hope never lost, a mission for the elder ones to complete.
An old love twisted by hate determined to twist and snap her fate.

Four Adapts of Elvin line.

Four Adapts align.

White holds back time.

Red casts the dome.

Green holds the tome.

Blue carries home the fate of all.

Soul Tear
 Soul Tear

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Re: Promote your story, but make it rhyme!

PotatoOverlord Wrote: Another dungeon story? How dreary.
But fear not, it's got a fairy.
Demons and goblins together. Oh my.
The story's complete when all the humans die.

I found the sudden dark turn completely hilarious. 

The Wrote: The Errant Otherworlder:
Our hero wants a harem,
With maidens, many of 'em.
What he gets instead in tandem
Are troubles, countless of them.

The John Brown Isekai:
Slave harems shall tremble in fear
When they see ol' John Brown draw near.
The League of Gileadites is here
May the vile slavers o' the realm hear.

I approve of this message, as do my MCs. 

I'm just here to comment on other people's poetry, lol. Nothing more to see here folks!

Re: Promote your story, but make it rhyme!

Quote:Our protagonist's name is Cobalt Trayer.
Not a hero, a god or dragon slayer.
But he is a demon, with horns, wings and tail.
And he is in charge of who will pass and fail.

He's a tertiary teacher, before you get excited.
A youthful appearance with which he's been blighted.
His students have him worn down to the bone.
But in his endeavours, he's not wholly alone.

Some of them stay to fight by his side.
A happy Golem, and a Nymph so snide.
A Succubus, Fallen, Glutton and Imp.
And an eight-foot Oni that calls him a wimp.

Three terms of trails, like a grinder of meat.
He only sees in his future a crushing defeat.
And though his efforts do little to balance the scale.
He'll fight for them too; blood, tooth and nail.

I am not a poet by any measure.