I have a great idea. Let's swap some reviews.

Hear me out. I was thinking I could use some reviews, and I am sure other people could also use some reviews. Let's help each other out. You leave me a review, and I will leave you a review as well. To sweeten the deal, I will even include a follow and possibly a favorite mark.

So maybe my idea isn't unique. The offer is still on the table for any interested. Here's a little more about my book.

The Rising Fist Saga — A nameless fighter wakes up in the desert, missing memories. He struggles to survive, picks some fights, wins some fights, and loses some fights. He gets stronger and picks a few more fights. The book is written in 1st perspective, and you will hit 10k words after chapter 3.

I'm pretty sure the progression storyline has never been done before, so prepare yourself for something real nice. hehe

Thanks for hearing me out! Hope to see y'all in the reviews