what is the coolest Fictional Army?

which Army would you pick if you were on a lone World. no sapient Creature inhibit it except yours and you are the master of it. You need to choose one Faction/Army/Race of people and inhabit it, build yourself up and conquer other worlds/defend yourself from invaders. would you choose a Sci-fi race or Fantasy? Bows/Swords or Machine guns? you also need to care for their needs and equipment so the more advanced  it got the more you need to build your infrastructure to sustain it all.

I personally thing the Brotherhood of Nod is great. nice Hierarchy, and i really like the colour scheme and equipment of their soldiers :D https%3A%2F%2Fmedia.moddb.com%2Fcache%2Fimages%2Fgro...Armour.jpg

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Shiriru Wrote: space marines from Warhammer 40k
That's my main pick as well.
They're killing machines, some with psychic powers, and their equipment is built to last millennia.

Or Vampire Counts from Warhammer Fantasy. They're dead. With the magic lords that come with the army they can be healed, and you gain new 'recruits' after every battle, and resupply isn't really a problem.

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I'ma go with Mandalorians, I mean the only planet to actually beat back the Vong invasion and go toe to toe with what would be the a bunch of psyckers in 40k. They're basically Elysian drop troopers+Catachan soldiers rolled into one with better armor lol

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Wheel of Time Spoilers--

I'm not sure if it's considered an army or more of battalion, but the Asha'man in WoT are spectacular.  I love the Black Tower.  I wish it had as much time focused on it as the White Tower did.  Every scene with the Asha'man in Memory of Light was beyond amazing.  And I honestly think they could take anything you could rationally throw at them.  They'd be an unstopable conquering force.

Band of the Red Hand also gets major props.

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Shiriru Wrote: space marines from Warhammer 40k

Okay, but like, which chapter? I personally really like Blood Angels, but they would be a terrible choice for long term survival given that there are no reinforcements. Space Wolves, maybe? Since they're used to surviving in difficult climates? Or would the safe and boring option of Ultramarines be the pick here? Could always go with Lamenters, I guess, if you really hate yourself.