How to gain viewers

Hello all. I need some advice. 

I've been typing away at my story for a while now and haven't gained a lot a viewers on my novel. I check out a lot of other novels and they have more then 1,000 viewers by the time they reached my point in chapters (I have yet to crack 1,000)

As you can guess, it's really demoralizing when I don't receive attention for my writing. 

Is it because I don't have a good synopsis? Or is it because of my writing style or genre? Or maybe I should release chapters at a certain time of day? Any advice would be great.

Re: How to gain viewers

I'm not sure I'm your target audience, but I'll give you my feedback since I was in your shoes not too long ago. 

First, it doesn't seem like you have a consistent release schedule, with some chapters coming out in a first quick rush and then a pause of a couple of weeks. Then another surge of activity, followed by another lengthy pause between releases. According to just about everyone on RR, consistent releases are a must. I saw a pretty decent surge in views after instituting this strategy a few months ago. Given how other entertainment media works in our world, it's hardly surprising that this is the case (like a TV show that keeps switching time slots, inconsistent publishing can kill reader interest). You're trying to build a following and get people interested, so letting your followers know when they can get more/new content is one step.

Second: I'll preface this by repeating that I doubt I'm your target demo, but the first section of your blurb didn't interest me at all. Now, the second section with the mystery of the nightmare, changes, and the supernatural? Yeah, that gets me wondering about what else you have up that proverbial sleeve of yours. I'd suggest either cutting the first part or editing it to a single quick sentence to contextualize your MC. Beyond that, your story will reveal all those details as the plot unfolds. 

Third: Something I wish I'd heard months ago, but I didn't have quite the bravery you had to post this brutally honest self-reflective post, is not to worry about what other stories are doing. Don't forget, there are probably many reasons other stories have more views. They could already have a following, their genre is hot, they have bot accounts lurking to drive up views, friends and family helping things along, review swaps and marketing driving their engagement or just weird SEO stuff where their story gets recommendations as a part of more popular fictions. The list is almost endless. Instead of focusing on the others, try and enjoy your writing (though I'll admit that I'm still struggling with this myself).

In the end, I hope you are enjoying the overall writing experience, even if it hasn't yet met your expectations. I'm sure the readers will come if you keep writing. With the ratings and followers you already have, there's obviously some audience for it. Best of luck!

Re: How to gain viewers

I cannot be completely sure about the numbers, since I have only one book, but from 137 to 18 is a pretty big drop. (Mine is from 135 to 56 for 10 chapters. Also most of mine drop on chapter 2, which seems somewhat logical). Also your genre might be pretty unique, thus gaining followers/views more slowly. Also I don't think there is anything wrong with the other two factors - book cover and blurb. I think they are OK, but these things could always be improved more.

Re: How to gain viewers

It's really important to have a consistent release schedule. Think of a web serial more like an episode of a TV show: you want to post chapters at regularly scheduled times so your readers know when to expect you. Otherwise they're going to scroll around and find something else to read when your story doesn't pop up in their feed. You're averaging a chapter every 3.5 days-ish so I would suggest aiming for 2 per week. You can always increase it later if you start getting pretty far ahead of yourself with a backlog, which is far better than having to decrease if you overcommit and fall behind.

I would also suggest rewriting your synopsis. The last paragraph was the one that grabbed me. You can also add your release schedule to it so readers know upfront when to expect new chapters.

Re: How to gain viewers

I read your synopsis, but wasn't thrilled. " Haru was just a Meek and mild schoolboy in Japan when everything in life began to change."

1) Many readers are shying away from "meek and mild" main characters. It's fine to have a meek character, but I'd introduce that as part of the story. Show it by how he acts. You will have people not even start the story because of it.
2) Meek and mild. You are double emphasizing his flaw.
3) Capitalizing 'meek'? If it's a typo, change it. Typos in a synopsis pretty much guarantee to readers you aren't proofreading your story.

Less is more. As Cymas pointed out, the last paragraph is good. You can almost toss the rest of it away and have a much better synopsis.

Then go write a lot more, and ignore "Other stories." They don't matter, focus on your story.  Writing more chapters is the best way to get more readers and views.