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Ever since they were kids, Odion sensed something otherworldly about his twin brother, Apollo. The night their foster parents were murdered confirmed what Odion had felt all along. 

Seven years have passed since that fateful night, and those paranormal events still haunt Odion. Something far beyond human comprehension lurks within Apollo, and keeping it a secret is of Odion’s utmost importance. However, his deepest fears rise to the surface when a list of grisly murders takes place the night of their high school dance, making Apollo a prime suspect. Knowing the police will be no match for him, Odion embarks on a mission to take his brother down—even if that means he dies trying.  

Apollo knows he’s innocent of the crimes that took place the night of the dance. But with virtually no way of clearing his name and nearly every task force unit in the province of Ontario searching for him, Apollo is forced to make a decision. Sacrifice his freedom for a heap of crimes he didn’t commit or defend his rights by unleashing the monster he had buried within, even if that means many innocent lives will be forfeited.

The Monster Within is the first book in Marcel Jones’ urban fantasy series A Life of Fear. If you liked Vicious, Carrie, Akira, or Chronicle, and you want to be transported to a world where having superpowers could end up costing you your life, you will love reading this page-turning thriller. 


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On Meridian when and where you're born is everything.  Minute, hour, day, week, month, year; they all matter. Being born under the House of Zabi might bring physical strength, while being born with a Bakara Control can give you the power to speak to the dead.  Of the twelve gods, one is avoided at all costs, The Dream God Enki.  For Soren, people's fear of Enki has always been a Shadow over her.  After all, every single control she has is under The Dream God.  Soren can't understand what everyone's so scared of.  If her Controls were so dangerous, surely she'd of known by now.  Yet when Soren's brother goes missing, those very controls begin pushing her towards her destiny.  Whether she’s ready or not. 

I've got just over 30k words at the moment posted, with regular weekly updates for the foreseeable future!  Give a read let me know how to improve! 

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Return to a simpler time with The Adventures of BLUE EAGLE!

Classic-style superheroes are back here on Royal Road with this episodic adventure straight out of your parent's (or grandparent's) superhero cartoons of the past.

Join Blue Eagle and his kid sidekick, Switch the Blue Eaglet, as they defend Herald City from evildoers, including the powerful Queen Venus and her bumbling henchmen, Frankie and Willie.

This is a Top 2500 Royal Road fiction that you don't want to miss! This series has rave reviews and if you haven't checked it out, then you're missing out.

It's as simple as that.

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Oh god I'm so late to the party!

To some, he’s an idiot savant, to others, he’s a high functioning alcoholic. To almost everyone, he’s an arrogant asshole. Jack Atlas - self proclaimed “Worlds Best Assassin” has a problem. Earth’s integration into The Tower has ruined his life.

Jack was ready to retire… Well, he wasn’t actually ready to retire, but love makes you do crazy things.

Regardless of his feelings, he was hanging up his guns… and knives… and explosives… All for a chance at love with the most recent girl of his dreams. Enter The Tower stage left. A cruel device designed by the gods to determine just who is the strongest race within the multiverse. Make it to the top and you get to join the gods in paradise. Everyone else gets to experience… not paradise.

Instead of sipping Mai Tai’s on some beach he can’t pronounce; it’s sipping health pots because he just got stabbed in the ass by a goblin. Instead of trips to Vegas with blackjack and hookers; it’s trips to creepy dungeons filled with skeletons and zombies.
Join Jack as he learns to adapt to his new life of “DnD nerd crap” while in search of the perfect multiverse-cocktail. Also, he might climb The Tower and kill a bunch of people while he’s at it…
Link: Tower of Jack
Updates: Every damn day!
If you like the following things, then ‘Tower of Jack’ is for you.
  • Archer
  • Cradle
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Dungeon Crawler Carl
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Tower of God
  • Deadpool

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The only thing that Sara and Kate had in common besides wanting to be best friends with each other and succeeding as one of the highest ranking heroes in the Heroes' Headquarters; was that they wanted to be loved and valued by Michael, their leader and father. 

But as these two girls dive further into the chaos of Pitch's uprising and Lucifer being in the way, Sara and Kate soon realize what they wanted, didn't quench their hungry for the love they always desired... 

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In a world beset by monsters, humanity's only hope are those who follow Ideals.
In a time of unprecedented peace, humanity has forgotten their age-old enemy. Peace, however, is relative.
A storm is brewing in the deep.
Will humanity's ancient defenses be enough to withstand it?
Monsters swarm in the wild and humanity lives in fortified cities. Idealists, those humans who have manifested magic, struggle to turn back the tide.
Join Tom, as he strives desperately to become an Idealist, and save his House from ruin, his city from destruction, and humankind from annihilation.
Welcome to Siege State, an action-adventure fantasy with a fresh lick of paint on the fantasy LitRPG genre.
The story is more of a slow burn, and I hope you find the pay-off satisfying.
Release schedule:
Three chapters per week: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
Siege State | Royal Road

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House of Honour: The Heir

“There is no more a turbulent time to live than during the slow, often violent, fall of a dying empire.”

Within the borders of the turbulent Revaryn Empire, a young noble named Kaewyn Edderfield is left in charge of his father's land of Greystone Province. Kaewyn however, would prefer to spend his time in taverns or reading books rather than do his duty as acting lord. Now burdened with the responsibility of rule, he must navigate the courtly world of provincial politics where officials, both military and civil, vie for favour and position.
Along the way, Kaewyn will meet a plethora of characters. Among them are arrogant scholars, rival nobles as well as new and old friends. Knowing who to place his trust in and who to push aside will be vital if his home of Greystone Province is to survive the coming chaos.

I'd love for you to check it out. I have received some excellent reviews so far, despite my work being the first draft.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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The Dragons Realm: A House Targaryen Story

A House Targaryen story set immediately after the Targaryen wars of conquest, focusing on the lives, struggles and accomplishments of Aegon Targaryen and his descendants.
This story will take place over several generations and through the viewpoints of a wide variety of characters from Kings and Queens, Kingsguard, and rebels, and everyone in between.  

The story, while primarily focusing on Westeros, will take place over a large area ranging from the frozen wastes of the North, the deserts of Dorne, the pirate hideouts of the Stepstones to the Free City of Norvos and beyond.

Currently 28 Story Chapters are posted, along with several world building entries.

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In the opinion of the common storyteller, Sylph did not exist.

Frustrated and deceived by her mothers hiding the truth of her parentage, young dragoness Sylph heads out looking for answers along with a childhood friend, a young human alchemist. From the sky high walls of Carthia, through the winding, lively streets of Halfhill, her journey leads her all the way up north to the picturesque nightmare of snow where she hatched. And yet, the answers lie buried in the desert sand on the other side of the continent.
In a world of cruel slave traders and a ruthless, self-proclaimed queen, Sylph uncovers the answers she seeks and realizes her grave mistake of ever leaving home. A singular misstep in the hostile city means death, or worse, and the guards are hot on her haunches after blundering her way through the gates.

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[Fantasy] [No gore or anything R rated]

There is something in the air and a hidden pressure threatens a kingdom. The cracks begin to appear as people, institutions, orders and gods try to resist the overwhelming forces of a universal revolution.

Levisig, a member of an ancient order of warriors, finds himself swept away by a maelstrom of events that will have him fighting not for justice or saving the kingdom, but to reach the aftermath of a tremendous shift in the status quo.

Page Here:
Mirror Horizon: Valian

Hello, I'm Josue. A friend of mine told me about this site and I decided to give it a go to get some actual feedback on my novel. I've been writing it for a couple of years on and off. It started as a productive creative outlet instead of hating on media that does not meet my expectations. I've never studied anything related to writing formally or informally, I've been learning as I go these couple of years.

I'm aiming to have the first draft done by December which would be its third year anniversary since I've started. I've rewritten a lot and I have like 50k words written, which should be half the book. I'm here to gauge reactions and know if it's enjoyable. I'm trying to make a smart fantasy book. Hopefully I'm succeeding so far. Thank you very much for reading this and thank you if you read the novel.

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15K words so far, started less than a week ago, the story is set in an apocalyptic world, with zombies, portals...etc.
The main objective of the story, is to imagine what would happen if power falls in the wrong hand, they say absolute power corrupt absolutely, then what happens when it falls in corrupted hands?
To sum up, If you enjoy a villain as a lead character, then Fletcher is your guy.
Link :

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Dear Wrote:  
I started to publish recently on this platform:  <The Chainbreaker>. The novel is just beginning and is planned to be updated every Tuesday.
I'll apologise for the short first two episodes, but I decided not to overwhelm myself weekly and keep a count down around 500 to 1K words.
On each Thursday, new entries of the Glossary written by Duvencrune are posted to better understand the book's universe, such as locations, creatures, tradition and other information.
I really hope you enjoy this journey as I am in creating it.
My only request: 'Do not speak about The Blue Blood Ones!'
With Kindness and Love, Lara Reis.

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Sharpened Knives

Archer Blackwell was supposed to receive his fortune when he turned twenty-one. But after a history of fights and unstable behavior, his parents adjusted the terms of his trust fund contract, forcing him to satisfy a morality clause for one year to prove he was of sound mind and character.

His brother Brand Blackwell had the same morality clause added into his contract, but is considerably more stable than Archer. When their cousin Viper Blackwell visits, they discover that while Viper does not have a morality clause, Viper's parents aren't paying out her trust fund either.

Upon further investigation, they discover all is not as it seems: the Blackwell family's history of crime and corruption spills into their trust funds as well. Now Archer, Brand and Viper must decide how far they're willing to go to claim their fortunes, even if it means eliminating their family bloodline to earn what's rightfully theirs.

Multiple chapters release Tuesdays.

Prologue, ch 1 and 2 out now.

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