Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

Didn't happen yet, but I plan it to be the climax of the current story arc I'm writing.

It is the scene of the main character, the Empress finally deciding to act after she broke down in despair due to a series of failed negotiations with the United Nations about fixing a massive crisis literally affecting both her planet and humanity itself, only to find that the ONUE Headquarters (Opération des Nations Unies en Esuvia) which was holding a meeting between all remaining high ranking UNE Leaders in her planet after their partial pullout due to an alien invasion on the UNE and eventual cutoff of communications from Earth to hide her planet from the alien burning, and her sister, the rebel leader of a resistance movement against Earth, is standing in front of the building and the half burned flag of the United Nations...smirking at her while besides her, a 'Vampire' Princess is also deviously smiling as she held the decapitated head of the ONUE General.

Behind her is but four human ONI agents  and her two closest mage knights, the very ones who convinced her to end her despair and do something. 

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

My favorite so far has been the scene of my side character Sten tricking his family and leaving home for an unknown duration. 

They are out camping far from where his younger brother and older sister who suspects he wants to go with the spring expedition heading for the capital, so he has allayed their fears a bit by agreeing to leave town on the day. 

The way he gets out is through a plan involving his [Druid] friend bringing a magical stag that owes him a favour to ride with them both out of there and to where the expedition has already gone ahead. 

It's a ride. 

The scene on the day starts chapter 88.

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

Since I am actually in the early process of drafting book two now: I have a new scene.

The height of the romantic subplot where I am finally going to relieve the poor reader of the ever building tension and them probably calling the MC stupid for being, well, stupid about love.

And then I have the cutest scene planned for the next morning which will then be interrupted by the antagonist kicking in the door and being pretty embarrassed about what she sees.
"What are you doing?"
"Your sister."
Everybody but the love interest is gonna die of shame.

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

My favorite scene so far in what's out goes like this (stripped in an effort to not horribly spoil it):

Quote:There's this guy, right, and he's a pretty tough dude. Throughout the story he's been getting into fights and winning them, even if some of them were pretty close, and has never really lost one if he had any kind of prep time. Well, this guy decides to kill somebody kind of important for a lot of money, something which he needs to accomplish one of his short-term goals. He spends several days coming up with the perfect plan to kill the guy, going very, VERY far to try to ensure that everything goes well. He finally shows up and sees the target, goes for it, and everything looks like it's working.

Then the guy who he's trying to kill just tanks the attack, throws this tough guy around like a ragdoll, mocks him for being weak and incompetent, mutilates him, and pretty much puts him on a ~60 second timer to being dead before walking away (only because he knows tough guy has no way to stop it and wants him to suffer in his last moments). Tough guy can't believe it. He's laying there, dying, and he can't believe what just happened. It's so bullshit. It's so unfair. How did this random dude just thrash him like that? The world isn't supposed to work like that. Tough guy has spent pretty much his whole life killing people, and this random guy wasn't even really supposed to be on the upper end of how strong or skilled his targets have been. It just happened that the target happened to be hiding a ridiculous amount of strength, with no way that could have been determined beforehand, and because of that the plan was flawed. Because of that, there was no way to win. Because of that, tough guy is going to die.

Then tough guy, for the first time in the story, gets really, really mad. He's been a bit mad before, but never like this. The sheer indignity of not only being beaten, but being beaten by someone who he thinks of as inferior to him, sends him over the edge in more ways than one. He somehow manages to use a skill he only just picked up to "turn off" that timer, and then recovers a bit by doing another thing that shouldn't even really be possible before finally collapsing. You just know, even as he's slipping out of consciousness, that this isn't over. Tough guy has never exactly been passionate, but he has always been efficient and determined. Just seeing the sheer rage, the explosive emotion suddenly coming from him because of his wounded pride, you know that for the first time it's not just him doing what he's always done. It's personal now, and that changes the game.
If you have read the story this is a terrible summary, and if you haven't it probably sounds generic. However, this is actually a very important character moment for the person in question for a lot of reasons, and it shapes the entire rest of the volume. 

As for my favorite scene that hasn't been written, that's the end of the story, so I'm not gonna spoil that one. The epilogue is also a close second.

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

I won't talk about a scene. Instead I'll say this: I basically start each chapter with a quote from one of the 12 major gods and religions in my world. (fictional religions of course.) I'll list the first 4, (after the first one which is in my signature and blurb anyway) they have a god or a goddess addressing the subject of freedom to their opinion, I have 7 more with different takes. Ideologies, religions, and cultures are widespread in my work, but it's only the background for the story itself. I picked these just because I have to be special and original I can't just pick a scene...

True freedom is impossible.
Once you break through the walls of your prison.
You’ll find yourself in a bigger one.
It’ll allow for more freedom, certainly.
But it’s a prison nonetheless.
-Tukado, the creator.

Whether you’re free or not is only in your mind.
True freedom is at the hearth, true freedom is being content.
-Lokamesh, father of peace.

(Yes, he sorts of answers him, this chapter comes right after the former.) 

Fear is the only thing between you and your freedom.
The only way to achieve freedom is by conquering it.
Only once you conquered fear, can you chase your dreams and desires.
Better conquer your fears early my dear dreamers.
You only live once after all.
-Koshavi, the princess of dreams.

What is a life without freedom?
What is a soul without a choice?
If one can’t choose freely, one’s life is limited.
If your passion is freedom, make sure you respect others’ choices.
-Brigit, the keeper of life.

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

I pretty much love all the scenes where the dragons are doing cute dragon things. But if I had to pick a favorite...hmm...I guess I'll go with a scene in a future chapter where Thenio (the main character) has been badly injured and is in the hospital and Snowy (a fluffy baby ice dragon who takes her food very seriously) is worrying about whether he'll be able to recover and come home or not. Having a tenuous understanding of how medicine works, she tries to bribe him into getting better by offering to give him her favorite desserts. 

Quote:"Thenio! If you come home, I'll...I'll be good and eat vegetables! Whenever you tell me to! Even icky vegetables!" Snowy paused. "'ll share my pudding with you. And my cotton candy." She hesitated, her tail flicking up and down indecisively. Then she closed her eyes and shouted resolutely, "And my ice cream! I'll give you all my ice cream if you come home!"

A stunned silence followed this declaration.

"Wow," Iggy said after a moment, his eyes wide. "Snowy is super serious!"

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

Necromancer Unmanned:
Not yet written.
The newly resurrected necromancer is looking at an exhausted army, that believes they, and what's left of their families and friends, are about to die to an army of demons and the best they can do is take some of the monsters with them.
So Keir gives them a speech, basically saying, "I'm going to destroy half of the demon army this morning, then you help me destroy the other half this afternoon."
Then he has to prove he's not insane by destroying at least half the demons before they slaughter him, which isn't exactly easy.

Doom Valley Prep School
First chapter.
Peter having learned he's going to the #1 school of evil in the world (his parents didn't want to pay the much higher tuition for the #1 heroes school), goes to several temples, churches, and holy sites for gods, spirits and demons, hoping to get some blessing or support in surviving school.
It doesn't go well, but most places at least promise to pray for his soul, after a suitable tithe.

The Oubliette
Not yet written.
Dela meeting her 'father'. That's going to be a fun family reunion. 

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

Below is a small snippet of my favorite scene. It is from Chapter 11 of my book, Auverice. It is between two MCs sitting at a campfire inside a cave. 

Ayre, an elf who lost her memory and was chosen by a Sage (demi-god) to help with the crisis of the planet's impending doom, carries with her vials of magic essence (Auverium) that can be drunk by a sentient being, and that would give them the ability to use Auvereal Arts (magic). 

She is deciding on whether or not she could trust Eroh, who seems to be a kind person, if not riddled with despair from an anguished past. They have a conversation about what it is they want to do with the new magic, and she pries into Eroh's past. It is here he shows his true vulnerability, and Ayre finds in him someone she may soon call a friend. 

It also gives the reader a reason to understand Eroh, which in Chapter 12, we see a flashback that shows the true nature of his sorrow. 

Quote:She held the vial in her hand, wondering if she could trust Eroh. What if he used the magic to hurt others? Her chest tightened.

“Shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out from the vision,” said Eroh. “Kitar was able to. Although, that was an accident.”

“Do you know her well?” Ayre asked.

“Met her a couple of times, and at a tavern just before. She seemed nice. Said she gave you an auran. So I gave her an ale. I liked her attitude – ” He stopped. The fire made it difficult to tell if he was blushing or not.

“She seems to like you too. She’s trying to be your friend at least... I hadn’t made any friends,” Ayre said, gripping the vial tighter.

The cackling flame echoed in the still cavern of the empty mine. “It’s difficult when people are so different,” said Eroh. “There’s hunters at the guild, but they’re more like… I don't know; they’re just other hunters, not really people I considered friends.”

“I feel like we’ve become friends,” Ayre said cautiously.

“My last friend left me to die.”

“I wouldn’t leave you,” she said with an honest smile. She could sense Eroh’s mood rise with the air of elation as his cheeks flushed – this time she could tell it wasn’t from the fire. “I mean I wouldn’t leave you to die,” she quickly corrected herself. 

“I wouldn’t leave you to die either.” His cheeks nearly wrinkled to a smile, his sorrowed eyes pained to match, and his voice turned grave. “I don’t like seeing people die.”

Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

I have two and I can't decide which I prefer.  Both capture a similar deep emotion.

One is a scene coming up near the end of the current arc in the story, where something happens to draw out the latent power in the main character.  I've worked and reworked that scene a few times and I just love how it drips in drama.  On top of that, it acts as another clue in one of the important mysteries I've crafted to string along the reader until much later in the story.  It also parallels nicely a few other character highs both for the MC and one personal favorite characters to write, who gets introduced in Session 2.1, coming this Friday!

The other one is a flashback, to the night where the MC loses her parents.  It's tragic and heartbreaking, but I think it's a wonderful scene showing the love a mother and father can have for their child and the herculean efforts they'll go through to save them in a tragedy.